ZENsation – Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG

ZENsation - Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG

ZENsation - Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG ZENsation - Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG ZENsation - Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG ZENsation - Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG

About ZENsation theme

ZENsation is a modern, elegant multipurpose theme.
Theme is SEO friendly and compatible with all popular browsers and systems.

Prestashop compatibility

Theme compatibility: Prestashop – latest version.
There are no modifications in core files so you are able to upgrade your store in future.

Expected updates

I have a list of functionality which I will include to this theme in the nearest future.
Below you can find a few of them.

  • BLOG module (already done in update 1.5)
  • Google Rich Snippets (already done in update 1.2)
  • Megamenu (already done in update 2.5)
  • Full page width banner on the home page (already done in update 1.1)
  • Social Addons for products (already done in update 1.7)

If you have any problems with theme installation or you just want to contact me please go to the FAQ (Support) tab at first.

Theme is delivered with documentation where you can find installation steps.
You can also follow this video tutorial, take a look how installation is easy:
Theme Installation Tuts (youtube)

ZENsation - Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG

ZENsation - Responsive Prestashop 1.6 Theme + BLOG

Thanks so much!

UPDATES (detailed information in changelog.txt delivered with theme):

2.7 (27.01.2015)

  • FIXED missing state filed on registration form
  • FIXED few small css issues (aligns, z-indexes, etc.)
  • ADDED compatibility with Prestashop
  • UPDATED Revolution Slider module to the latest version

2.6 (15.09.2014)

  • FIXED image zoom for square images
  • FIXED quick view issues
  • HIDDEN add to cart button on product lists when product not available or has a combinations
  • FIXED orders history on customer account
  • ADDED forgotten styling for Bestsellers module
  • ADDED page scroll for pagination on product lists
  • FIXED catalog price rulse on product page

2.5 (03.09.2014)

  • ADDED Mega Menu module
  • ADDED Quick View button on product lists
  • ADDED Reduced Price badge on product lists
  • ADDED Old Price & Discount value on product lists
  • UPDATED Blog module
  • UPDATED Revolution Slider module
  • UPDATED Cart mechanism
  • FIXED small issues
  • W3C optimization

2.4 (29.05.2014)

  • FIXED wrong font on product lists
  • FIXED related posts module on product pages
  • FIXED inactive view button on product lists

2.3 (27.05.2014)

  • Improved documentation
  • FIXED images shape changing while pagination
  • FIXED color attributes icons on product page
  • FIXED small visual problems
  • FIXED product comparision
  • FIXED CMS links in footer
  • FIXED wrong price in total on 5-step checkout

2.2 (12.05.2014)

  • Many bug fixes for Prestashop (refer to changelog.txt)
  • Improved Theme Editor – over 650 google fonts to choose from
  • Stopped support for Prestashop 1.5

2.1 (28.04.2014)

  • FIXED zero price issue when product has attributes on Prestashop

2.0 (28.03.2014)

  • ADDED new social icons in footer
  • FIXED small bugs during installation on Prestashop 1.6

1.9 (19.03.2014)

  • UPDATE for Blog
  • UPDATE for Revolution Slider
  • ADDED compatibility with latest Prestashop

1.8 (16.03.2014)

  • NEW amazing module: Revolution Slider

1.7 (02.03.2014)

  • BLOG updated – fixed few small issues + new feature: you can connect posts to products (related posts) and show it on product page
  • NEW zoom module for product page: choose between 3 new zoom effects
  • fixed product reference number on a product page
  • NEW share module for product page
  • NEW function for theme editor: now you can add sticky header menu to your page

1.6 (14.02.2014)

  • CRITICAL BUG fixed: important only for users of ZENsation v1.5 (products disapear where filter is selected on products list)
  • added new features for Theme Editor (possibility to choose beteen country flag or ISO code and between currency sign and ISO code)

1.5 (11.02.2014)

  • added BLOG module
  • added Theme Editor module
  • possibility to turn ON / OFF responsiveness (+ 2 widths to choose for non-responsive version)
  • possibility tu turn ON / OFF footer text (“ZENSATION – Fully responsive prestashop theme based on Twitter Bootstrap”)
  • possibility to turn ON / OFF shadow below images
  • possibility to choose between rectangular / square images for whole store
  • possibility to choose between wide / boxed home banner
  • added POVERRIDE module (do not install if you already have a running ZENsation theme – only for new installations)

1.4 (20.01.2014)

  • Fixed magnifying glass (top search) visibility on firefox and IE
  • Removed hoover effect for view & add to cart buttons on mobiles (now buttons visible all the time)
  • NEW icon on products now is a link to the product

1.3 (07.01.2014)

  • Added manufacturer slider module on homepage
  • Added multilingual banners module on the bottom of homepage

1.2 (06.01.2014)

  • Added google rich snippets
  • Added arrows (left/right) to home slider
  • Added manufacturer name on product page
  • Added missing image format in cart
  • Fixed product carousels on ipad (vertical)
  • Fixed product display on lists for products with one image

1.1 (28.12.2013)

  • Improved translations for Italian, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish.
  • Modified homeslider module – full width sliders now available.

1.0 (27.12.2013)

  • Theme released
Date: July 16, 2015