YouTube Field Advanced Custom Fields

YouTube Field Advanced Custom FieldsYouTube Field Advanced Custom FieldsYouTube Field Advanced Custom FieldsYouTube Field Advanced Custom Fields

Syncs ACF up with the YouTube Data API v3 to give you an awesome amount of flexibility.

What it Does: This is an add-on field for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. This field allows you to capture YouTube data from a single input field. You or your clients can enter in either the full YouTube URL or just the YouTube Video ID. In the admin, you’ll instantly be presented with the video so you can make sure you have linked up the correct one.

Return Options: The YouTube Video field has 6 different return values: Embed, Video Object, YouTube ID, URL, Thumbnail, Thumbnail Object. The Video Object pings the YouTube API to get you specific information about the video like Title, Description, Number of Views and more.

For Developers: This is a great WordPress plugin for developers as it gives a quick start when clients ask to add videos and don’t exactly know how to do it. This way you can simply give them a field and almost no matter what they insert you’ll be able to grab the YouTube ID.

Unlimited Sites: You can use this plugin on an unlimited number of commercial, client and personal websites. If you would like to purchase a single-site license that can be done at

Documentation: Help Guides are available for this plugin and can be found here:

Note: Accessing the YouTube Data API requires API Keys. They are free and more information about how to get them can be found here:

Other Plugins: I have several other plugins which can be accessed here:

Date: April 5, 2016