xSystem – HTML5 and CSS3 Admin Template

xSystem -  HTML5 and CSS3 Admin Template

xSystem is an administration panel clean and flexible suitable for any web application type. It combine the best HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to give the best user experience.

Skin1: The sidebar is fixed to left and it is always visible. So, the user can switch quick from a page to another. Based on 960 grid system (fluid version) it looks perfect on any screen resolution.

Skin2: This come without sidebar but with a Horizontal multilevel dropdown menu. Based on 960 grid system (fixed version).


  • 2 skins fixed with horizontal menu and fluid with sidebar
  • Multilevel menu support
  • Styled forms including text inputs, select, radio and check buttons.
  • Rich text Editor multifunctional – CKeditor
  • JQueryUI – Sliders, date picker progress bars etc.
  • Full page calendar – Google like
  • Backend File explorer
  • Graphics and charts
  • 200 icons by glypish
  • Fugue icons – more than 3200 icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane
  • Fluid 960 grid system
  • Data tables – real time management
  • LightBox Evolution
  • Fallr – Modal box
  • Forms validation
  • JQuery alert messages
  • Alert messages
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • CSS3 Buttons
  • Lists, higlights and more…



 21.12.2011 - v1.11 - Fixed some small  bugs in scripts.js file 
 21.12.2011 - v1.1 - One new skin with fixed size and drop down menu - Multilevel support for skin with sidebar - JQuery alerts - More icons usage examples - Forms validation in more formats - LightBox evolution - Fallr - modal dialogs - Fixed some small  bugs in js and css files 
Date: July 16, 2015