Xmas Advent Calendar – WordPress Plugin

Xmas Advent Calendar - WordPress Plugin

This customizable xmas advent calendar provides you a nice and attractive calendar which allows the user to open a new xmas gift you decide each day.

This is a perfect way to engage your users and make them return to your website every day until Christmas.


– Customizable: It offers several options, behaviors, colors and images for you to customize it the way you want it.

– Fully responsive: The plugin adapts its UI and behavior to any device screen.

– Nice design: There are more than 30 graphic resources exclusively designed for this plugin.?

– Three templates: You can choose whatever you want to feature on the modals that are opened after a day is clicked, but we created 3 simple templates from when you can start.?

– Easy and intuitive admin panel: Featuring a default, simple and intuitive admin panel where the options try to be as visual as possible.

– Prepared to be multilanguage: With the use of .pot files, the plugin is prepared to be easily translated using softwares like Poedit.

– Clean & commented code: The code tries to be as basic as possible and there are comments on the most important parts.

– Future updates: We will try to update the plugin with new features along its evolution.

Date: November 16, 2015