WP Ultimate Social

WP Ultimate Social

WP Ultimate Social is an ultimate package of all social features you ever need in a website. Social icons, social share, social counter, twitter feed, pinit buttons, social login and more in one single plugin.

WP Ultimate Social WP Ultimate Social WP Ultimate Social

Full feature lists

Social share

- Allow anyone to share website content(posts, pages, images, media) on major social media(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Digg, Buffer, Reddit, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Xing, Weibo, VK, Delicious ).


  • Beautifully designed 15 themes to select from, high quality, retina ready designs for share icons.
  • Beautifully designed 9 themes for floating sidebars.
  • Major 15 social media included (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,  GooglePlus, Pinterest, Digg, Buffer, Reddit, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Xing, Weibo, VK, Delicious, Whatsapp).
  • Share via email and print options are also available as an options for sharing.
  • Compatible with woocommerce and buddypress.
  • Floating widgets and share with popup also available
  • Latest use of APIs to fetch data.
  • Auto updates on all APIs.
  • Option to select which social media profile to show.
  • Display order for selected social media.
  • Supports custom post types and custom taxonomies.
  • Display options- sidebar, widgets, posts and pages, popup and  floating options are  also available.
  • Supports widgets and shortcodes.
  • Simple option for pinterest share for images.
  • Beautiful CSS3 animation – add some charm on your website.

Social counter

- Allows to include your social accounts fans, subscribers and followers count display on your website.


  • 20 Beautiful themes.
  • 5 soothing animations.
  • Configurable Floating sidebar with 5 pre available themes.
  • Widget and shortcode availables with various configurable parameters.
  • Latest use of APIs to fetch data.
  • Auto updates on all APIs.
  • Option to select which social media profile to show.
  • Display order for selected social media.
  • Beautiful CSS3 animation – add some charm on your website.
  • Dark and light design themes available – fits in any design.
  • Fast load-time – as fast as light.
  • Wide share, great viral – share your page, post.
  • Cache setting – you can set a cache period to avoid frequent API calls.
  • Fully Responsive – compatible with mobile devices.
  • Highly customizable – define and customize almost everything (Icons, social profiles, animation, behavior etc).
  • User friendly and very interactive user interface.
  • Anyone can use it, its as easy as drag and drop.

Social Icons

- Link-up your social profiles right from your website, in an easy and fun way.


  • Beautifully designed 16 icon sets.
    • Select from pre available icons themes or upload your own.
  • Strong customization options.
    • Define size, set height, width of the icons.
    • Set margin / spacing between icons.
    • Link up your social media profiles, set link targets.
    • Enable and disable the tooltips.
    • Choose display type (vertical or horizontal), define no. of rows/columns.
  • Multiple icon sets multiple places
    • Create multiple-instance of the icon sets and use them in multiple places.
  • Font Awesome icons
    • Choose from 105+ font awesome icons, color/style them as you need!
  • SVG icon sets
    • High quality SVG icon sets, make your icons retina ready!
  • The social sidebar
    • Configure and setup social sidebar with lots of options for your site.
  • Easy integration
    • Get short code or use widgets for each instance you design
    • Use the short code anywhere you like: header, footer,in the content area
  • Get some styles!
    • Define styles like shadow, borders for icons.
    • Define tooltips and style it with your own color, BG color.
  • Tooltips
    • Add some feel on your icons – add and customize the tooltip.
    • Enable or disable tooltips.
  • Interactive Icons
    • Make it interactive, define hover animation on icons.
  • Make your own layout
    • Vertical and horizontal display option.
    • Select rows and columns.
  • Real time live preview
    • Real time live preview – check how it looks on your website before using it.
  • Order the icons
    • Order the icons – they way you like by using easy drag and drop feature.
  • Fully Responsive
    • Fully Responsive – compatible with mobile devices.
  • User friendly and very interactive user interface.
    • Anyone can use it, its as easy as drag and rop.
  • SEO friendly
    • Use your own image alt/title tags for hover-over text
    • Google will love it!

Twitter Feeds

– Display your twitter feeds in your website and increase our social reach to next level.


  • Fetch latest tweets from any account
  • Multiple Twitter Accounts Support
  • Tweets Media(Image) Embeds Support
  • Twitter Timeline layout included
  • Slider mode available with various configurable options
  • Ticker mode available with various configurable options
  • Configurable number of tweets to display
  • Caching option to prevent frequent API calls
  • 12 Beautiful design templates to choose from.
  • Easy use with shortcode or widget with various configurable parameters
  • Display tweets in slider
  • Configure tweet date/time format
  • Option to show/hide full user name
  • Lightweight – Installs in seconds
  • User friendly – very easy to configure and setup.

Social Login

– Allows users to register/login to the website using one of their favorite social website accounts.


  • Login with the most popular 9 social media.
  • Configure each social accounts by setting up a few authorization details.
  • Configure which social media account to enable/disable in the login area.
  • Configure which area of the website the social login should be displayed (eg. Registration, login, comments)
  • Option to choose from 17 beautifully designed social login buttons/icons.
  • Option to configure the order of the social login buttons.
  • Use shortcode anywhere in the post/page to display social login.
  • Use widget to display social login.
  • Option to enable / disable social login (completely).
  • One click registration/login.
  • High level of customization/configuration – admin can change the title attributes for social media icons, other texts, strings etc.
  • Ability to send the login details to the user’s email.
  • Integrate with the wordpress users.
  • Works with buddypress.
  • Works with Woocommerce.
  • Nice and easy to use admin interface for site admin to manage, configure the plugin.

Social auto post

- Auto post all your website contents to social media(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr). You can configure multiple social profiles to more than one facebook account.


  • Auto post on Facebook Profile and Facebook Fan Pages.
  • Auto post on Twitter.
  • Auto post on LinkedIn.
  • Auto post on Tumblr.
  • Configure unlimited account of each social media (Eg. you can auto post to more than one Facebook account).
  • Auto post of new posts, custom post types (you can configure).
  • Auto Post filtering as per post types  and taxonomies i.e you can enable auto post for certain post types or certain categories.
  • Ability to shorten long URL into a tiny URL with bitly for twitter.
  • Ability to enable and disable each account.
  • Logs available to track all your the auto posts to individual accounts.
  • Post format selection ability for facebook account.You can post either simple text message or share your blog post.
  • Message format configuration ability for each account individually.Post your posts uniquely as per your requirement in each network.
  • Ability to publish a single wordpress post to all the added accounts concurrently with just one publish click.
  • Ability to enable and disable auto post in post screen so that you won’t need to go to plugin settings to disable Auto Post.


- Allows user to pin images from posts and pages. Add custom pinit buttons on images. Add different pinterest widgets using shortcodes and widgets.


  • Custom pin it buttons with various configuration options
    • Custom pin it button page display options.
    • Supports custom post types and custom taxonomies.
    • Options to add enable classes and disable classes for filtering the display of the pinit button.
    • Pin it button position display options.
    • Pin it image description source options to choose.
    • Can setup minimum image size to show “Pin it” button.
    • Pinit button margins settings.
    • Overlay transparency setting.
    • Options to show the pin it button on hover or always show.
    • Mobile devices compatibility.
    • Retina ready.
  • Native Pin it button for images settings.
    • Pin it button configuration (size, shape).
    • Pin it button color customization.
    • Pin it button language selection.
    • Follow Pinterest button for website.
    • Pin board widgets.
    • Pinterest profile widget.
    • Latest pins feed
    • Lightweight – Installs in seconds.
    • User friendly – very easy to configure and setup.
    • Shortcodes and widgets available.


Find the plugin documentation here:


Date: November 5, 2015