WP IVR is twilio Based WordPress Plugin, it is made as powerful as it is tiny in interface…

Getting Started

Please Provide Sid token of premium account of twilio in settings, this is all you need to know before creating and operating IVR.


  • Upload as many recording in sequence as you want
  • add as many days as you want
  • Attach As many numbers as you want


  • Uploading images instead of music, it is prompted music category default by browse popup, but if you chooses to upload a picture or none-music format, then i’ll probably can’t assist you with this.
  • Don’t Break The Sequence, if you want to delete a day, like you have three days, and you deleted 2nd day, then you are breaking the sequence, IVR will run like, Call #1 Working, Call#2 Not Working, Call#3 Working..
  • Try To alter sequence instead of deleting it, you may need to rebuild sequence once you have break it up


  • Unlimited Message
  • Unlimited Inputs
  • Unlimited Recording
  • Day Sequence
  • Day Shuffle


Please Feel free to suggest the awesome, as much as you can.. your request will be updated in upcoming versions in 2-10 days, as individual I’d required more plans and suggestion to build something awesome, something that you want. You name it… i made it possible.

Date: September 28, 2015