WP Geolocation Block

WP Geolocation Block

Main Features:

  1. WordPress plugin to block visitor by their Geo location.
  2. Block wp-admin or admin login page.
  3. You can block visitor by their IP address.
  4. You can block visitor by IP range.
  5. You can block visitor by their country.
  6. You can block visitor by their state.
  7. You can block visitor by their city.
  8. Exclude IP address.

This plugin come with 3 blocking mode:

  1. Redirect all blocked visitor to any of your website page.
  2. Redirect to any external URL.
  3. Redirect to 503 page.

New algorithm explained

Now you can block visitors or users more effectively using the new algorithm available in “WP Geolocation Block v2.0”. If you select any country from the country drop down and then write the city and state names the plugin will block visitors from the country with city and state. This is very helpful when same city or state name is present in different country.

How This Plugin Work ?

Whenever any visitor visit your website, “WP Geolocation Block” plugin detect the visitor Geolocation details and redirect them to any of your specified page, external URL or 503 page according to your configuration. The main function of this plugin is to block banned visitor to navigate your website.

We have tested this plugin in various way and it is working fine as demonstrated here. Here is the Video Demo of this plugin.

You may notice blocked contry/IP in your server visitor log as the visitor must hit your website URL to be detected by the plugin and then redirect.

Self Lock Recover

Follow the bellow steps to unlock yourself –

  1. First rename the plugin folder using your FTP program or server cpanel / Plesk.
  2. Now login to admin and go the plugin list page.
  3. You will see this message – “The plugin wp_geolocation_block/wp_geolocation_block.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.”
  4. Now rename the plugin directory again with the original name using your FTP program or server cpanel / Plesk.
  5. Activate the plugin from your wordpress plugin list page. This will uncheck the Enable IP Block option automatically.
  6. Finally before check the Enable IP Block option again, put your IP in the IP list to Exclude field.

Cache Plugin support

Currently this plugin is working fine with WP Super Cache if you – enable “Legacy page caching”, “Late init” and “Enable dynamic caching” in WP Super Cache ‘Advanced’ tab.

We have also tested the w3 total cache plugin and the plugin only work when you disable “page cache”.


28.05.2015 - ver 2.1    - Self Lock Recover feature. Follow the guide in documentation or plugin description.     - Reset to default feature added.    - External URL loop bug fixed.  14.05.2015 - ver 2.0    - Block wp-admin for non logged in users/visitors.    - New algorithm to block specific city or region from specific country.  17.03.2015 - ver 1.2    - Exclude IP feature added.    - Exclude IP prioritize more than all blocking process.  02.01.2015 - ver 1.1    - Inbuilt 503 redirect page added. 
Date: June 25, 2015