WP Display Files

WP Display Files

WP Display Files is a plugin to display folder & files listing on front end from custom directory, box, dropbox and amazon storage. You can exclude or include Folder & Files, Download Files and Restrict Files. Fully customizable by using hooks (action & filters) to control every bit of functionality .

Each hook is defined with example in the plugin overview page on dashboard.

Allow admin to exclude or show only certain folders and files easily in backend. Ability to restrict files access role based with custom restriction message.


WP Display Files is designed by getting feature requirement from many clients. Below are highlights of its awesomeness.

  • Display Folder & Files in recursive way. Unlimited depth of sub folder covered.
  • Use box cloud storage to display folder & files from box.
  • Use dropbox cloud storage to display folder & files from dropbox.
  • Use amazon cloud storage to display folder & files from amazon.
  • Display Files & sub Folder of a custom directory.
  • Ability to download files from box, dropbox and amazon directly.
  • Control Folder & Files name, extension and download link using hooks.
  • CSS Placeholder to modify listing css.
  • Automated Wizard to connect with BOX, DROPBOX and AMAZON.
  • One Time Authentication of cloud services and use it in multiple shortcodes.
  • No need any authorization on frontend by visitor .
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-Site Supported.
  • Video Tutorials

    We have created video tutorials to help you configure backend setting and showing how it works.

    WP Display Files


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    WP Display Files

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    Date: July 14, 2015