WP BAN Users

WP BAN Users

Plugin Overview

The BAN Users WordPress Plugin has been developed to enable administrators to quickly BAN (aka disable, suspend…) users from logging into their WordPress user account, as well as the option to change the status of all their posts. For instance setting them to draft to hide them from public viewing. A user can be BANed from the admin users table or via their profile. There are several configurable options that allow the administrator to control how the BAN will be implemented such as redirecting them to a custom holding page, or sending them a custom email notification. Once BANned they will be unable to login until an administrator reinstates their account.

Plugin Features

  • BAN (aka disable, suspend..) a user’s WordPress login access.
  • UnBAN (aka reinstate, resume..) a user’s WordPress login access.
  • Automatically change user’s Posts status (i.e. to draft) when BANned.
  • Force a user to logout by BANning them.
  • Set custom logout URL when BANned (custom login page, or holding page).
  • If already logged in, display message to user when BANned.
  • Send custom email notification to user when banned/unbanned.
  • Capture unique reason for banning each user and include in email notification.
  • Set duration of BAN period using a date picker.
  • BANned users highlighted in users table with icon/coloured background row.

How is it Useful?

  • You want to ban malicious users from logging in.
  • You want to temporarily suspend a users login access.
  • You want to ban users who have breached terms of use or another policy.
  • You want to temporarily control access to admin.
  • You want to restrict a registered user from making any changes during development.
  • You have a client/user who has an unpaid invoice.
  • Ideal solution for moderators who monitor wordpress wordpress forums/posts.

Coming Soon

We’re constantly working on improvements to our plugin and have a number in plan for future releases. Here’s a quick glimpse of updates due out soon.

  • BAN Users by IP Address
  • BAN Users by Domain
  • BAN Users by Country


 Version: 1.2.1 [Added] Toggle BANned column in users table on/off [Added] Toggle BANned highlighted red row in users table [Added] Minor security enhancements  Version: 1.2.0 [Added] Set duration of BAN using date picker [Fixed] Move PHP functions into class structure [Added] Custom UnBAN email template for user notification [Fixed] Secured plugin files by preventing direct access  Version: 1.1.1 [Fixed] Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context  Version: 1.1.0 [Added] BAN user email notification [Added] Custom BAN email template for user notification [Fixed] Corrected force logout bug<br /> [Added] Ability to capture reason for BANning user [Added] WordPress Uninstall configuration  Version: 1.0.1 Initial release