WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Wordpress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Need more trafic on your WordPress Blog ? Need to retain your audience ? Need to capture emails faster ?

Create awesome and viral quizzes on your wordpress blog, as Buzzfeed does, but with more features ! It’s the best and the simplest way to build viral content very quickly.

Try to build a quiz, with our demo website

People can empty the demo website, so you can try our private demo website to test some beautiful demo quizzes.

Current Features (v1.64) :

  • Works on all templates : don’t worry, it works.
  • Two types of quizzes : Personality Quiz & Trivia Quiz (True/False)
  • Fully Responsive : people can play your nice quizzes everywhere !
  • Multi-pages quizzes : create awesome multi-pages quizzes !
  • Awesome Marketing Tool : Capture emails when people are playing your quizzes
  • Insanely Viral : Force people to share your quiz to show their result!
  • Analytics : See how many people play your quizzes, and analyze their responses
  • Delivered with 2 themes : BuzzFeed Theme and Modern Flat Theme
  • Customisable : create your own CSS theme !
  • Multilingual : English, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Swedish and more to come.
  • Nice Share buttons : people can share your quizzes easily
  • Auto-Update : the plugin can be updated from your WordPress Panel
  • Find the changelog at the bottom of this page

Checkout the project roadmap here : http://www.paton.media/wordpress-viral-quiz/roadmap ! You’ll discover the new features planned. And don’t hesitate to give me your ideas !

Wordpress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Wordpress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Full Changelog (major releases only)

v1.55 -> v1.64 | 20 June 2015

  • Multi-pages feature !! Create multi-pages quiz. Check out the new settings at the settings page ! How to add a new page ?
  • Multi-pages demo quiz here : paton.media/wordpress-viral-quiz/demo/
  • Fix a lot of bugs related to Facebook Share button.
  • New translations : Swedish and Russian !
  • (New) A new setting (“Under The Hood” section) to use GIF on answers !

v1.37 -> v1.55 | 21 May 2015

  • Multi-weight Personality Quiz: During a personality quiz, each question can give 1 point (or more) to several personalities (screenshot: http://d.pr/i/Zfvj) !
  • A nice shortcuts panel: Discover a new floating panel with some shortcuts when you build your quizzes (http://d.pr/i/1bzb4).
  • Minimize & expand the question blocks: when building looooooong quiz, you were often lost on the build page. You can now minimize/expand the question blocks (http://d.pr/i/1hy2t).
  • Disable/enable social networks: You can disable Twitter, Facebook, Google or VK.com via the global settings page if you don’t want to display them at the end of the quiz (http://d.pr/i/18KJE).
  • The VK.com share button is now available ! Our Russian friends will be happy.
  • Configure your Twitter hashtag: chose which hashtag that will be display when people share your quiz on Twitter (http://d.pr/i/1ifpZ).
  • Auto-scroll is available: you can enable the auto-scroll feature. Browser will auto-scroll to the next question each time someone click an answer (http://d.pr/i/11jGY).
  • Google+ and Twitter share-pages are now opened in a popup window (and not a regular window).
  • Bug fixed when you wanted to remove an explaination on a Trivia Quiz
  • Some cool UX improvements you’ll notice by your self!
  • New translation : Turkish !

v1.33 -> v1.38 | 15 May 2015

  • Nice loader when player click an answer (useful for slow servers).
  • If you put a picture in a personality description/trivia appreciation, it will be used on the Facebook Share Dialog.
  • There is now a ‘0-weight’ answer (neutral answer) for personality quizzes.
  • Fix a bug with non-latin characters.
  • New translation available : Japanese! Thanks a lot to Mochizuki.
  • Ninja bug fixes.

v1.24 -> v1.33 | 3 May 2015

  • Appreciations on Trivia Quiz : you can now write an appreciation depending on user final score when you build a True/False quiz !
  • Analytics : the players database is way better. Each player is registered (even if it’s an anonymous) and you now get some analytics for each quiz.
  • The CSV file when you export players database is really nicer.
  • If you are a developer, you can easily ask more informations to people when they finish a quiz.
  • Fix an important bug with simple/double quotes (thanks Thomas !)
  • Fix a bug with .po file (translation)

v1.1.6 -> v1.24 | 30 April 2015

  • Auto-Update : the plugin can be updated from your WordPress Panel
  • Translation : important fix + Full Romanian Translation (thanks to Andrea and Alex <3) + Full Portuguese Translation (thanks to Ivo <3)
  • Fix : important bug fix with the result of some personality tests. Thanks a lot Daniel and Bogdan <3

v1.1.5 -> v1.1.6 | 26 April 2015

  • You can translate the plugin easily with Loco Translate for instance. Tutorial step by step here !
  • You can use the Facebook Share Button without using the Facebook API if you want (not recommended, do it only if you know what you do)

v1.1.4 -> v1.1.5 | 24 April 2015

  • The form where people leave their mail/first name is way better;
  • The “global options” on quiz creation has been redesigned;
  • French translation is better;
  • Fix a bug when creating an empty quiz;
  • Add some PHP hooks to help developers for linking the plugin to an e-mail service (mailchimp, aweber, …)

v1.0.3 -> v1.1.4 | 23 April 2015

  • You can force people to share your quiz on Facebook to read their results;
  • Facebook share button works, even if player has an ads blocker like Ghostery or Adblocks;
  • Better share buttons;
  • Fix a lot of bugs (slashes on quiz title, Firefox error, …);


Contact us at [email protected] if you need help. We try to make the best quiz plugin for WP, so please don’t hesitate to report bug and suggest us new features !

Date: July 10, 2015