WooCommerce to Autoresponders Email Syncing

WooCommerce to Autoresponders Email Syncing

UPDATE DESCRIPTION FOR REVIEW : 1) I have enabled WP_DEBUG and there is no php error. 2) All CSS/JS files are already included using wp_enqueue 3) I have tried code with wp plugin check plugin and there is no issue in the plugin 4) it is sure that I am not using any deprecated method in my plugin infact I have not used any methods or functions only basic functions like update_option is used.

  • Let me tell you sir that this plugin is already approved by wordpress.org and it is already live there, please follow the url to confirm


So I think there should not be any issue, please go through my code if you have any doubt let me know how to resolve them.


Motive This plugin is used to sync the email address of woocommerce orders to Autoresponders. Whenever the plugin’s cron hit, it fetches all the complete woocommerce orders email id and sync them to the connected Autoresponders account.

New Woocommerce Orders are used to sync when cron runs.Also if any order is updated then that Order will also be used to sync on autoresponders.

Premium Version Sync WooCommerce Orders Email of Customers to connected account of :

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Date: January 24, 2016