Woocommerce Social Coupon After Order

Woocommerce Social Coupon After Order

WooCommerce Social Coupon After Order is a plugin that allows you easily rewards your customer when they follow / tweet / share or like your pages after they first order by generating a new coupon. How does it work? On the thank you page, customer will see an invitation to share / like / tweet … etc. in order to received a coupon for they next order. With that, you will be sure that your customer will come back to buy more item on your shop. Give a try now : Just add an item on your cart, validate the order, an you will see on the thank you page the social buttons.


Generate an unique coupon for user if they make a social action after they first order Use the default Woocommerce coupon system. You Just need to create the example coupon and just use them directly on the plugin You also can choose if you want an unique coupon use by user and reset the index when you want. You can customize the expiration date of the generated coupon (ex. in two months / in five days, etc) You can customize the prefix of the generated coupon You can customize the thankyou message once they have done the action You can control where the box will appear on the thankyou page You can choose simple mode for a rapid use or multiple coupon to attribute each action a example coupon You can customize all displayed text on the admin panel Retina and responsive i18n Support, French and English translation provided Free updates! Supported Buttons: Facebook Like and Share Buttons VK Like Twitter Tweet and Follow Buttons Compatible With All The Popular Browsers

Google Chrome – All Recent Releases Firefox – All Recent Releases Safari – All Recent Releases Opera – All Recent Releases Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10+ Works on all iOS5+ devices! iPhone, iPad, and iTouch + Most Android Devices (Note that individual Social Buttons may work differently on all devices and may not be supported on some – out of my control.)

Date: October 11, 2015