WooCommerce Order Rules & Filters

WooCommerce Order Rules & Filters

WooCommerce Order Rules & Filters

This plugin allows you to easily filter through your orders using filters and rules. Quickly filter through the orders based on the rules you set and/or apply row colours so that when the order rule is matched, the colour of the row is changed.

Many Rules

Choose out of the many order variables to implement in the condition of the rule: –

  • Order Status
  • Order Number
  • Purchased Items
  • Billing Country
  • Shipping Country
  • Billing First Name
  • Billing Last Name
  • Shipping First Name
  • Shipping Last Name
  • Customer Email
  • Shipping Method
  • Order Notes
  • Payment Method
  • Order Date
  • Payment Status

Priority Rules

Reorder the rules in order of priority to ensure the rules are set correctly. Just drag and drop the rules once they are created in the Order Rules table.


On the Orders page, in addition to the Bulk Actions menu, a new filter is available to quickly filter through the orders based on the rules created.

Coloured Rows

Apply a colour to the row of the orders that match the particular rule to ensure quick view and glance of the orders at your business.

All or Any Condition

You can decide between having all the conditions met or any of the conditions met.

Change Log

 = 1.2 = * Fix bug with WordPress 4.2. * Tweak to the filter on the Orders page.  = 1.1.1 =  * Ability to add product as a variable to filter through.  = 1.1 =  * Fix bug with incorrect formatting appearing in filters.  * WooCommerce 2.3 compatiblity  = 1.0.3 = * Fix bug with filter incorrectly called.  = 1.0.2 = * Compatibility with the Payment Status plugin.  = 1.0.1 = * Fix small bugs related to public function.  = 1.0 = * Initial release! 
Date: June 16, 2015