WooCommerce Extra Options

WooCommerce Extra Options


WooCommerce Extra Options plugin is simple to use WooCommerce extension to customize product page by using 14 types input fields. Nice admin panel have bunch of options to customize this plugin. The core feature of this plugin includes:

  1. Best file upload with thumb
  2. Image cropping
  3. Aviary editing add-on
  4. Conditional logic
  5. Custom validate messages
  6. Translation ready (PO file included)
  7. Bulk & Discount price

Features detail

Creating Meta

Admin can create unlimited Meta Groups (Meta groups are set of input fields). Then these meta can be attached product as bulk or to single product.

WooCommerce Extra Options

 Front end design

Fields are rendered in vertical way but customization allow you to define width of each field in percentage like (50%, 50%) will fluid input fields to left and make it horizontal layout. Fields attached are like: WooCommerce Extra Options  

Price & Variations

Prices can also be set against each variation of Select, Radio types of input. Any change in variation will update total amount of product.

WooCommerce Extra Options

Discount & Bulk Price

Easily set discount prices for different quantity. Just configure price matrix table and it will handle price based on quantity selected, here is screenshot:

WooCommerce Extra Options WooCommerce Extra Options

Image editing

Image editing is very powerful feature of this extension. It has built in support cropping, set unlimited aspect ratio.

WooCommerce Extra Options

Alternatively Aviary editing tool can be used as Add-on for this. More detail is provided here


Once user personalize product by filling fields or uploading file these are attached as order meta and carried out on cart and checkout page like shown in screenshot below:

WooCommerce Extra Options

Order completed

When order is placed all data is attached to order which can be seen under Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Orders. These data also sent with invoice email. WooCommerce Extra Options

Attached files and images also got special area in same order page like below: WooCommerce Extra Options


WooCommerce Extra Options

How to use

  • Install plugin from zip file and activate it
  • Once plugin is activated you can access options from ‘Admin -> Settings -> PersonalizedWoo’
  • Here is demo video setup as guide

WooCommerce Extra Options


Following link will redirect to demo WooCommerce based store. You will see some input fields on product page. Add  this product to cart and proceed to checkout to see how this plugin works.


Date: July 21, 2015