WooCommerce Customers Manager

WooCommerce Customers Manager

WCCM expands your WooCommerce installation adding additional functionalities under “Customer” menu voice that lets you easily retrieve all customers personal data, orders, registration date, last orders date, etc…


You can easily discover all personal data info like address, email, registration time, total amount spent, number of orders, etc for every customer registered in your store.

Every customer is fully editable. You can also delete or add new ones.

Easily discover customer last activity with “last order date” column.

Customer list is sortable by any info and further more you can filter by time range and export complete list (or the ones you select) in CSV format.


You can quickly retrieve customer personal data (like billing and shipping addresses, name, surname, phone…) and all orders (and associated products) made by user in a given time range.

In this view, thanks to graphical charts you can easily find the most purchased products, amounts spent per time rage and amount spent per order for every single customer.

Time range can be specified by user.

WCCM moreover can help you to easily discover most “worthy” customers of all time or for a given time range. WCCM can give you right information to help you in tailoring special coupons for your customers


For every customer you can add custom notes or send emails directly from the Customer Details Page


For each product in WooCommerce product list you can easily discover how many and which customers bought that item


You can easily import customers list from a .csv file. Large file (more than 3000 rows) are supported.

WooCommerce Customers Manager

WooCommerce Customers Manager

WooCommerce Customers Manager WooCommerce Customers Manager

Customer list with CSV export

WooCommerce Customers Manager

Import Customers from CSV file

WooCommerce Customers Manager

Who bought feature

WooCommerce Customers Manager

Notes & Mails

WooCommerce Customers Manager WooCommerce Customers Manager

Full customer details page

WooCommerce Customers Manager


 = 3.3 = * Improved import function  = 3.2 = * Improved import function: now is possible to upload large csv file (more than 3000 rows)  = 3.1 = * Improved export/import functions  = 3.0 = * Improved export/import functions  = 2.9 = * Minor bugfix * Added options to hide some columns on Customers list. This greatly helps in performance.  = 2.8 = * Minor bugfixes  = 2.7 = * UI enhancement in Add Customer section * UI enhancement in Import Customers section * Added "Send mail" feature  = 2.6 = * bug fixes  = 2.5 = * Bugfix  = 2.4 = * Bugfix * Added custom notes on customer detail page  = 2.3 = * CSV Export bugfix  = 2.2 = * Import: you can now import users specifing its role. if not specified, default role is 'customer'  = 2.1 = * Added new functionality: Import customers from .csv file  = 2.0 = * Fixed time filter in Customer list   = 1.9 = * Fixed edit link in Customer details page * Adjusted table columns width in Customer list page  = 1.8 = * Bugfix  = 1.7 = * You can now edit, delete or add new customers  = 1.6 = * BUGFIX: Total spent column sorting * New feature: "Last order date" column added.   = 1.5 = * CSV Export bug fix: if any customers is selected, export button exports complete list  = 1.4 = * You can now download customers list in CSV format  = 1.3 = * In WooCommerce product list, added "Who bought" column. With this feature you can now easily discover who and how many customer bought selected product.  = 1.2 = * "Total spent" column value calculation: this value is now calculated summing totals for "completed" or "processing" orders  = 1.1 = * Bulk delete: you can now bulk delete customers  
Date: July 7, 2015