WooCommerce Custom Order Status Pro

WooCommerce Custom Order Status Pro

WooCommerce Custom Order Status Pro

Create custom order status in your WooCommerce store to handle orders more efficiently and smoothly. It redefines the order life-cycle stages in your online store and brings more flexibility as required in the business. For example, you can create custom order status like ‘Shipping’ to categorize an order as Shipped, or statuses like ‘Assembling’, ‘Under Review’, ‘Ready for Pickup’, etc.

Custom Order Status Pro for WooCommerce is a full-featured extension to create and manage custom order statuses in your web store.

With this exclusive Woocommerce plugin, create any order status that you wish and send email notifications, set auto updates, allow customer triggers etc. with it. You can simply make your Woocommerce store work much more smartly and flexibly.

Highlights of WooCommerce Custom Order Status Pro

WooCommerce Custom Order Status Pro

WooCommerce Custom Order Status Pro

Complete list of features of Custom Order Status Pro by AppZab

  • Add or Edit a Custom Order Status
  • Set Colors and Action icons (Over 300 icon options to choose from)
  • Option to include the orders in the custom order status in WooCommerce reports
  • Send Email Notifications. You can choose to send the notification to Customer, Admin, Customer and Admin, Customer and Custom Email Address or just a custom email address
  • Optionally Show Order Information like Order Number, Date, items etc. in the Email Notification
  • Include a Custom Message in the Email Notification
  • Set the From name, Email Address, Subject and Heading for Email Notifications
  • Include Payment and Shipment Information in the Email Notification
  • Allow Customers to Cancel orders when the order is in a custom status
  • Choose which status should be the default order status for WooCommerce orders. You can choose a different status based on different payment options. For example, if a customer pays through Check, you can set the default order status to be ‘Awaiting Check’.
  • Manage Stock Levels when the custom order status is applied to an order. You can increase, decrease or let the stock level remain unaffected.
  • Status Auto Update Interval – Automatically switch to a different order status with this cool feature. You can set the time in Seconds, Minutes, Hours or Days
  • Allow Digital Downloads when the custom order status is set
  • Let customers trigger their order to a different status from My Account page. You can choose which status they can trigger and when can they do it. For example, Customers can trigger status “Received” when they receive the delivery.
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Friendly Support just an email away

Try a demo

Login URL – http://orderstatus.appzab.com/wp-admin
Username – demo
Password – demo

Reviews and Ratings

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Help and Support

If you have any questions related to the item or need a technical help, please send us an email on [email protected]. Our Average resolution time is less than 24 hours.


 + 2.0.1 (22 March 2015) * General Bug Fixes  + 2.0 (6 March 2015) - Awesome Features * New Feature: Automatic Order Status update with Interval timer * New Feature: Allow Customers to trigger order status from their dashboard * New Feature: Allow Downloads when a particular order status is set * New Feature: Manage how stock is affected when order enters a custom status * Fix: Send Email Notifications when the order status is set * Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.3.x  + 1.0.1 (21 January 2015) - Fix PHP notice bug + 1.0 (14 January 2015) - Initial Release 
Date: June 28, 2015