Wedding Album Premium WordPress Theme

Wedding Album Premium WordPress Theme

Wedding Album Premium WordPress ThemeWedding Album Premium WordPress ThemeWedding Album Premium WordPress ThemeWedding Album Premium WordPress Theme

Please, keep in mind the info below before purchase.

Hello guys! We would like to inform you that we have discontinued updating this theme. Therefore please be advised that this theme will not work with the latest WordPress updates and we would like to highlight that its strongly recommended to use the theme with the appropriate WordPress version which is mentioned in theme details. Some of you would be disappointed about it, but you need to understand that this theme is outdated and don’t really match the modern design of nowadays. That’s why we decided to keep up with the times and create more great new looking themes for you which will definitely be working with latest WordPress versions. Maybe its time for you to upgrade your website with one of our new themes? We will keep providing best support for our customers and even for old themes but with appropriate WordPress version. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter and thank you for choosing our themes!

Theme Description:

Wedding Album Premium WordPress Theme is the best variant for professional photographers and modern artists to share with people their art. The combination of white/dark space with a light/dark background reflects the classic direction of photography and art at all. Simple and compact-structured layout allows you and your visitors to orient on the web-site with easiness, each separate part of the theme is customizable in order to meet your needs. Nice image galleries outputting, which can be provided with calm music, ability to add video in slides keep your visitors definitely satisfied and impressed.

This theme could be the best present for your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, bride/fiancee, parents or even grandparents to congratulate them to an anniversary, wedding, birthday, etc. You can share with people the story of your love, the way to the happiness, to embody the way of your professional growth process, present your masterpieces and so one.

Theme Features:

  • Valid XHTML1.0 Strict
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Extremely universal design
  • Light/Dark color scheme
  • Whole website password protection
  • Gallery page password protection
  • Music player for home page
  • JavaScript Improved Slide-down Menus
  • 3 different Sliders (Nivo Slider, Supersized Gallery, Thumbnail Gallery)
  • Lightbox with video support (.swf, youtube, vimeo)
  • Localization Ready (.po file)
  • 6 Layered PSD’s are included for easy modification and customisation

External scripts and resources used:

Wedding Album Premium WordPress Theme Updates

Release date 04/16/2012 (version 1.1)

  • Minor css fixes
  • Added Password Protection for gallery
  • Added Password Protection for whole website
  • Added Flickr widget
  • Music player on main page

Release date 04/25/2012 (version 1.2)

  • Added ability to use different backgrounds for pages
  • Added ability to add as more images per gallery as user want (unlimited)
  • Added ability to add Video(Youtube, Vimeo) to galleries
  • Added ability to autorotate the main gallery (for both fulscreen galleries)
  • Added ability to slide up/down the ribbon menu navigation for main fullscreen gallery
  • Added Recent Galleries section to single gallery page
  • Implemented a new skin for audioplayer

Release date 08/16/2012 (version 1.3)

  • Minor fixes

Release date 13/11/2012 (version 2.0)

  • Added ability to add videos to fullsize gallery
  • Added support of both portrait/landscape images to fullsize gallery

Release date 18/12/2012 (version 2.01)

  • update for compatibility with WordPress 3.5
  • minor css updates

Release date 29/12/2012 (version 2.02)

  • update for contact form with an opportunity to add more recipients
  • pulled out the third slider (Supersized Gallery)

Release date 10/01/2013 (version 2.03)

  • update for facebook widget

Release date 23/03/2013 (version 2.04)

  • added an option to enable/disable thumbnail strip for main gallery
  • added an option to crop the images the way user choose (top/bottom/center) for main gallery and Nivo Slider
  • added an option to disable Recent Galleries

Release date 15/10/2013 (version 2.05)

  • wordpress 3.6 compatibility
Date: July 23, 2015