Vlevet Traveler Ghost Theme

Vlevet Traveler Ghost Theme

Vlevet comes with lovely post/page cover image that stick in left of your post. This way we can expose your picture when visitor read your post. This theme is suited for writer, traveler, or independent person like you.

Vlevet Features

  • Ghost 0.6.x ready
  • Featured image in left side of your post
  • 3 type of post format : Video Embed, Quote & Image
  • Responsive layout with Bootstrap
  • Responsive Images
  • Responsive Video embeds from Youtube and Vimeo with FitVids.js and other embeds with Bootstrap

Ghost 0.6.x ready

Vlevet comes with custom background cover for the site and user background with custom profile picture. You can describe yourself as a writer in each post, when you hover post cover image.

Multi-user, no problem. You can add as many user to join as Author, Editor or Administrator. Add navigation menu with ease with the new Ghost Navigation feature.

You can even change Tag cover image. Every Tag can have their own cover image. If you don’t specify the cover image for the Tag, it will use Blog cover image.

Responsive Design with Bootstrap

Use any Bootstrap Components you like. Vlevet comes with simple layout and focus on readablity for the contents, we make everything in it such as images and video embeds fluid and fits perfectly in every device resolutions.

Detailed Documentation

We have put screenshots of using Vlevet from installing Vlevet theme to add background, logo, avatar, user background and more.

Read Documentation for Vlevet

We also include the documentation in PDF format inside the ZIP file.

Customize your Ghost theme with your preferences

Update 21-04-2015

 - Add support for post format to expose 3 type of content: photo, quote & video embed. 

Update 07-04-2015

 - Flush left collumn in post entry when no image post cover being set - Fix Tag url cover - Fix FitVids.js script 
Date: July 27, 2015