Visual Sidebar Editor for WordPress

Visual Sidebar Editor for WordPress

Why Visual Sidebar Editor

Visual Sidebar Editor bring the power of Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress or The TinyMCE Editor into the life of your website sidebars, and let you manage their content the same way you do for posts and pages.

You can now take full control of your sidebars content with unlimited possibilities, you can use visual composer and it’s awesome Drag & Drop interface with 40+ built-in shortcodes or custom add-ons, but you can also use free HTML editor and replace your sidebar content as you wish.

With the revisions system included in Visual Sidebar Editor, you will never lose a change, you can go back to previous revision any time you want.

The plugin also come with a handy Export & Import tool to help you migrate your sidebars between your sites or between sidebars in the same website.

Key Features

  • Support for Visual Composer
  • Support for Classic WordPress Editor
  • Restore your sidebar content from any previous revision
  • Export and Import
  • An easy to use and clean interface built for newbies
  • FREE Support
  • … and more coming soon!

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1.0.2 – 04 April 2015

 + Added settings to control the sidebar editor + Added support for dynamic sidebar managers + Major bug fixes 

1.0.1 – 13 November 2014

 + Added support for visual composer design options + Added support for packed visual composer in themes + UI enhancements + Minor bug fixes 

1.0.0 – 04 November 2014

 + Initial release 

Date: June 18, 2015