Vintage Sky

Vintage Sky

UPDATE 8 MAY 2012 : Fixed the problem with the clouds displacement

Vintage sky theme supports all the Tumblr features and has two content rich sidebar, featuring your likes, latest tweets, description, search box, pages, avatar box and people your following.

The header is animated! Preview here!

The theme is very customizable via Tumblr, with a few clicks you can change the center image and the slide images of the header animation or hide the fully header, fix the columns and the background image, change background image, add latest tweets and “stuff i like” or change the color of the links

The Fail Whale whitout “custom image” text:

UPDATE 14 /10/2010 ----------

Added “two Columns Version” option

Fixed some problems with photoset posts

Added style for images in text posts

Added support for Disqus comments

Date: July 14, 2015