Video Blogster Pro – YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo

Video Blogster Pro - YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo

Video Blogster Pro is a powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress that can put your site on auto-pilot, automatically creating new content from various video sites and giving you unlimited amounts of fresh search engine food for your niche blog all day, every day.It’s super easy to use, extremely flexible and works with any theme!

Supports YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud and Vimeo. More coming.

Video Blogster Pro - YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo Video Blogster Pro - YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo Video Blogster Pro - YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo Video Blogster Pro - YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo Video Blogster Pro - YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo

Requirements: PHP 5.2+

Video Blogster Pro - YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo

Full Autoblogging Solution

  • Add an unlimited number of video feeds to automatically create new content.
  • Each video is imported as a new post – title, description, author, category, views, ratings, tags, comments, etc are available. Great for SEO!
  • Scheduler will automatically keep fetching fresh content from multiple video feeds.
  • Videos are embedded on your site – no streaming bandwidth costs.
  • Your site will continuously update with or without you!
  • Numerous options for maximum flexibility.
  • The scheduler will automatically find and flag posts with embedded videos that have been removed from the original site. Surfers never need to see a blank video player. What other auto-blogger has this?

Quick Content Importer

  • Curate tons of specific content related to your site niche.
  • Fetch new videos immediately and fill out the site with the click of the submit button.
  • New posts will have all the video details you require – just edit as you like and publish!
  • Does all the hard work automatically – no need to manually search sites for video content and copy into your post.

Easy to Use

Extensive Query Options

  • Grab videos from a specific user, channel, group, playlist or video ID.
  • Grab videos using search with multiple keyphrases.
  • Filter search by category.
  • Filter search by video duration.
  • Filter search by region Code.
  • Order results by date, relevance, rating, viewCount and more if available.

Import Details on each Video

  • Imports highest quality video screenshot into the Media Library automatically.
  • Sets the featured post thumbnail automatically.
  • The video title and FULL description is available for the post.
  • Saves video likes, dislikes, views and more if available.
  • Fully compatible with WP-PostViews and WP-PostRatings!

Import Video Comments

  • Can save video comments too.
  • Great for showing activity on your site!

Customize Post Title & Content

  • Layout the post however you want using templates.
  • Uses template tags to display video information wherever needed.
  • Allows advertising code such as Google AdSense.

Advanced Processing

  • Option to skip importing videos with duplicate titles.
  • Strict keyphrase matching option.
  • Set the minimum number of views necessary to import the video.
  • Set the minimum date necessary to import the video.
  • Google translate the video title and description.
  • Option to remove URLs completely from video description and/or comments.
  • Set limits on the video title & description by length or keyphrase.
  • Option to remove unwanted characters from the title.
  • Option to linkify embeddable URLs in the video description and/or comments.
  • Ability to search and replace keyphrases with full spintax support.
  • Fully integrated with the Spin Rewriter plugin to create unique content.
  • Flexible templates for the post title, body and even the imported image filename.
  • Can also parse template spintax like “{Check|Watch} this {awesome|great|amazing} video”.
  • Ability to add new custom fields with any video data.
  • Option to create an excerpt automatically from the video description.
  • Option to import tags from the video right into WordPress.

SEO Friendly

  • No duplicate content. Each video is a unique post.
  • More unique posts = more search engine food!
  • Can automatically create new WordPress tags and categories right from the video.

Complete WordPress Control

  • Automatically creates a post from each video result.
  • Save posts as a specific user or a random user.
  • Supports saving as custom post types.
  • Set post status to draft, pending, private or published.
  • Set post format to standard, video and lots more.
  • Set the post categories, including option to import categories from videos.
  • Option to use video published dates instead of the current date for new posts and comments.

Seamless Integration

  • Imports embeddable videos as WordPress content so it works with ANY theme.
  • Imported content does not rely on the plugin to work – will keep forever unlike other auto blogging plugins.

Detailed Logging of Events

  • Can see each video found and imported.
  • Verbose mode shows exactly what is going on each step.

Video Blogster Pro - YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo


= 2.3.3 Released July 1st, 2015 =

  • YouTube – Added ability to set image size/quality to import.
  • YouTube – Removed PHP 5.3 DateInterval function to convert ISO 8601 duration.
  • Better placement for flood_comment filter removal/restore.
  • Changed require_once to include_once in case WordPress is missing files.
  • SpinRewriter code updated to handle it’s v1.3 change. Added 7 second delay between spins to avoid their new 7 second interval check.

= 2.3.2 Released June 15th, 2015 =

  • YouTube – The API for playlistItems does not provide video category, duration, or statistics so now Video Blogster will only grab video IDs from playlistItems and then call video.list for those IDs to access ALL video data.
  • Added get_video_info filter so user can modify any imported video data.
  • Removed WordPress flood filter check when importing comments.
  • Video Blogster as singleton.
  • Bugfix for not saving Skip videos with duplicate titles value.
  • Added ability to add Custom Field array Values. Thanks to Ryan Yang.

= 2.3.1 Released May 31st, 2015 =

  • Added template tag and custom meta field for VideoEmbed code.
  • Added filter support for custom plugins/themes like [Contus WordPress Video Gallery](
  • Switched back to wp_insert_comment to avoid WordPress wp_die for duplicates in wp_new_comment.
  • Updated .pot language file

= 2.3.0 Released May 21st, 2015 =

  • NOTE: Those updating from v2.2.1 will have to manually update. [Read this post]
  • Added support for [SoundCloud](
  • YouTube: queries to their API that time out will automatically retry.
  • Switched wp_insert_comment to wp_new_comment to sanitizate and validate.
  • Wrapper for wp_create_category
  • Updated PUC module to v 2.0
  • PUC: changed esc_url to esc_url_raw
  • Added option to skip videos with duplicate titles.
  • Changed all ‘video skipped’ messages to critical to avoid confusion.
  • Bugfix on option ‘Apply changes to existing videos?’ in some cases.

= 2.2.1 Released April 24th, 2015 =

  • Vulnerability fix for add_query_args in PUC module.

= 2.2.0 Released April 23rd, 2015 =

  • Allow script codes in Post Content Template.
  • Added support for [WP Auto Spinner](
  • Bugfix for catching ‘Skip videos older’ field with incorrect format. Thanks to dukekansal.
  • Added support for RSS feeds.
  • YouTube: Replace API v2 comment query with v3.
  • YouTube: Added ability to filter by safeSearch.
  • YouTube: Added support to filter by relevanceLanguage (though YouTube results are poor imo).
  • Old PHP compatibility: removed utf-8 check on htmlentities.
  • Moved check for valid PHP and WP versions to beginning of activation.
  • Switched NOWDOC to HEREDOC for older PHP versions.
  • Backwards compatability all the way back to PHP 5.2
  • Bugfix in Mass Edit sometimes setting an empty value.
  • Fetching missing thumbnails log message updated to ‘critical’.

= 2.1.0 Released March 4th, 2015 =

  • Bugfix to allow for 0 values in Mass Edit section of Show Video Feeds.
  • Added option to set minimum tag length.
  • Added ability to skip videos older than a date.
  • Display/log messages can now be filtered. See Log File settings page.
  • Added support to attach custom taxonomies by post type.
  • Added ability to Filter by Custom Fields in Dashboard -> Posts and Pages.
  • Added ‘View Videos’ icon shortcut in Show Video Feeds page for each feed.
  • Now automatically recognizes videos imported previously by PHP My Video Blog.
  • All Utility functions enabled by default.
  • Using lEnforcer for license checks.
  • PUC – no automatic updates for unlicensed versions.
  • Added ability to use Google Translate on title and description.
  • Added ability to remove first X sentences from description and remove any sentence containing Y.
  • Swapped order so ‘Replace phrases’ option happens before ‘Linkify’ option. Thanks to Ewooky.

= 2.0.0 Released Jan 23rd, 2015 =

  • Added more fields available to mass edit on Show Video Feeds page.
  • Added ability to Linkify all URLs in video description and/or comments.
  • Bugfix for displaying invalid code sequences in older PHP versions. Credit to akexer.
  • Added ability to name each feed.
  • Added ability to set each feed Active or Inactive.
  • Added confirmation dialog before deleting feed(s).
  • DailyMotion: Bugfix for checking for more than 10 broken embeds. Thanks to Ewooky.
  • Script will dynamically increase PHP max_execution_time to fetch unlimited videos, unless using an older version of PHP with safe mode on, in which case you can increase max_execution_time manually from an option in Main Settings.
  • Added ability to set custom meta fields with imported video data to ensure compatibility with other themes/plugins using their own custom meta fields.
  • Expanded qAssoc field to 128 chars.
  • Added ability to replace phrases with spintax support in video Title and/or Description.
  • Added support for template tag VideoDuration8601 for duration in [ISO 8601 format](
  • Added support for template tag VideoImageLocal for featured image local url.
  • Added ability to set post format (standard, video, etc.).
  • YouTube: Added option filter for Syndicated videos.
  • Added check to ensure imported categories are capitalized.
  • Added Post Image Template field for custom image names. Requested by AudioRay.
  • Added markup to default post template. [See FAQ7](
  • Added ability to skip importing videos with less than X views.
  • Added ability to ignore certain tags when importing tags.
  • New YouTube API key for v2.0.0
  • Bugfix: preg_quote around pTitleRemoveChars to escape * + ? etc.
  • Added modules for adult video sites*. [See sites supported](
  • Added i18n support and .pot translation file. Need translations!
  • Added post meta support for ‘VideoSkip’. [Requested by AudioRay](
  • Now converts DailyMotion ratings into Likes/Dislikes meta.
  • Better error catching for Vimeo and DailyMotion.
  • Renamed classes/files for better modular support.
  • Moved Scheduler Settings to ‘Scheduler’ page.
  • Moved Log File Settings to ‘Log File’ page.
  • BugFix: Auto-publishing videos with WP-Postviews activated created 2 custom fields.
  • Determine supported video modules dynamically.
  • Consolidated regenerate_thumbnails function, uses new meta key VideoImage.
  • More info displayed with verbose option checked.
  • Added template tags for Views, Likes, Dislikes, and Favorites
  • If server ‘allow_url_fopen’ set to false then use alternate method to get meta tags.

= 1.2.0 Released Dec 12, 2014 =

= 1.1.0 Released Nov 17th, 2014 =

  • Hulu Added Feature: Ability to grab video by video ID.
  • Added Feature: Utility function to re-request missing post thumbnails.
  • Added Feature: Ability to delete or quick edit multiple video feeds.
  • Switched to ‘any referrer’ Youtube browser application key.
  • Check and replace any unsafe characters in thumbnail title.
  • Added Utility Functions to menu

= 1.0.1 Released Nov 6th, 2014 =

  • Added license button link
  • Fix exception if timezone isn’t set in WordPress. Convert to local time.
  • Added check and error message if unable to read log file.

= 1.0 Released Nov 3rd, 2014 =

  • Initial Release


PHP v 5.2 or greater

Date: June 20, 2015