Vellum – Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress ThemeVellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress ThemeVellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress ThemeVellum - Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum – Responsive WordPress Theme

A new kind of WordPress theme with so much capability, you just have to see it. Fully responsive and SEO optimized. Vellum’s unique structure lets you create any design, layout or style, all from a single theme. No matter the type of site you need, for business, ecommerce, travel, real estate, photography, music, one page, or even a wedding, this theme does it all. This isn’t a single theme, it’s a thousand themes in one.

Feature Details

Mega-menus Powered by UberMenu

UberMenu is the number one mega-menu plugin for WordPress with over 45,000 sales. It was created by the menu master himself, SevenSpark. We’ve worked directly with SevenSpark to custom develop this version of UberMenu just for our themes. The included version provides support for creating mega menus, multiple columns, titles, sub-titles, icons and responsive menus. For even more advanced features like adding photos and forms you can easily upgrade to the Pro plugin which the theme has been designed to seamlessly integrate.

Find out more about UberMenu

Dynamic Animations with Slider Revolution

Including the powerful slider plugin, Slider Revolution to give your website and slide shows exceptional quality. Slider Revolution is currently the best selling slide show plugin on CodeCanyon and we’ve included it free. The easy to use interface lets you drag slide show graphics into place and easily assign animations, timing and other awesome effects. It’s fully responsive and touch enabled for mobile devices. You’re going to love building your slide shows.

Find out more about Slider Revolution

Drag and Drop Content using Visual Composer

Forget about remembering shortcodes and messy hard to read pages. Using the best selling plugin, Visual Composer, you can drag and drop content where you want to create complex layouts in minutes. Add content blocks, columns, tabs, toggles, slide shows, feature tours, social sharing icons and much more. We’ve integrated our shortcodes directly with Visual Composer so you can build pages the fast and easy way. You’ll even save time using the built in template system letting you save and reuse layouts.

Find out more about Visual Composer

Theme Features

  • Super-ultra-mega responsive
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Mega-menus powered with UberMenu (by SevenSpark)
  • Slider Revolution (by ThemePunch)
  • Visual Composer content builder (by WPBakery)
  • SEO optimized
  • Traditional and modern blog styles
  • Post formats – Standard, Audio, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote and Video
  • Sortable portfolio
    • Post formats – Standard, Audio, Gallery, Image and Video
  • Blank page templates
  • Drag and drop layout manager
  • Contact form builder
  • Sidebar generator
  • Unlimited home page variations
  • Unlimited headers
  • Unlimited footers
  • Unlimited layouts
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Unlimited layouts and templates
  • Unbranded white label admin
  • Self-hosted HTML5 video player
  • Custom audio player
  • Google Fonts support (500+)
  • Retina ready
  • Translation ready (.po/.mo files)
  • Demo content included
  • All Photoshop files included
  • and so much more…

Video Tutorials

We have video tutorials and more on the way!

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Written Tutorials

We have a number of written tutorials for the theme and we’re adding more every week.

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Updates and notifications

Built with Runway

This theme was built with the awesome Runway framework for WordPress. Runway is a comprehensive solution for making WordPress themes, fast!

Vellum - Responsive WordPress Theme

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.5.1 (June 23rd 2015)


  • Fixed get_options_data() returning no data.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.5.0 (June 18th 2015)

Updates and fixes.

  • Updated framework and extensions.
  • Updated to Visual Composer v4.5.3.
  • Updated to Slider Revolution v4.6.93.
  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.3.0.
  • Fixed WordPress customizer issues.
  • Fixed ‘Button 2’ element styling.
  • Fixed different menus in headers not working properly.
  • Fixed menu visual feedback in skins 4 and 7.
  • Fixed Google Map as a row background not filling full width of a row.
  • Fixed row background image not repeating.
  • Fixed ‘Tour’ element styling.
  • Fixed color picker going crazy when you drag.
  • Fixed menu descriptions not working properly with UberMenu Pro activated.
  • Fixed validation error when no logo image width set.
  • Fixed slide transition for Content Rotator not working properly when swiped.
  • Fixed Visual Composer ‘Grid’ elements not working in static blocks.
  • Fixed ‘Button’ element styling in skins 5, 6 and 7.
  • Fixed Quote and Link post format backgrounds in Skin 4.
  • Fixed row backgrounds not working properly in tabs.
  • Fixed UberMenu Lite conflict with UberMenu Pro (sub-menu settings not visible).
  • Fixed short URL not working with Google Map background.
  • Fixed Blank Page template background not working properly.
  • Fixed logo positioned incorrectly on tablets in Skin 5.
  • Fixed prettyPhoto XSS.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.4.1 (January 16th 2015)


  • Fixed typo in Video post format settings.
  • Fixed Simple Content shortcode error message.
  • Fixed menu item descriptions.
  • Fixed Google Map as a row background.
  • Fixed Add Images to Gallery button in Gallery post format.
  • Fixed footer meta info in grid-style post lists.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.4 (January 1st 2015)

Copious updates, additions and fixes.

  • Updated Visual Composer v4.3.5.
  • Updated Slider Revolution v4.6.5.
  • Updated Go – Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP to v2.4.5.
  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.2.0.
  • Updated UberMenu Lite to v3.
  • Updated Layout Manager for WordPress 4 compatibility.
  • Updated framework and extensions.
  • Added enhancements to Google Maps as row backgrounds.
  • Added new element for inserting vertical space.
  • Added new element for scrolling anchors.
  • Added automatic strip script tags from Custom Javascript box.
  • Fixed post navigation buttons not working when post title is hidden.
  • Fixed close button in iframe popup lightbox.
  • Fixed Font Awesome lists inside Icon Boxes not styled correctly.
  • Fixed background images cut off on mobile at max screen height.
  • Fixed pagination not working on static home page.
  • Fixed portfolio filters not working properly in Firefox.
  • Fixed contact form settings pages bugs.
  • Fixed color options for Progress Bar element.
  • Fixed single column Content Rotator linking to incorrect article.
  • Fixed Blank Page template not working properly and also causing a JavaScript error.
  • Fixed Use Excerpt option not working with Post List and Portfolio in single posts.
  • Fixed masthead sidebar areas always hidden on iPad.
  • Fixed WPML not displaying translated static blocks.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION (August 13th 2014)

Plugin updates.

  • Updated Slider Revolution v4.5.95.
  • Fixed portfolio filters animation running twice.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION (July 4th 2014)

Plugin updates.

  • Updated Visual Composer v4.2.3.
  • Updated Slider Revolution v4.5.7.
  • Updated CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids to v9.6.
  • Updated Go – Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP to v2.4.2.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION (April 30th 2014)

Minor fix.

  • Fixed logo justification in vertical masthead.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.3.4 (April 28th 2014)

Minor updates.

  • Updated Visual Composer v4.1.2.
  • Updated Slider Revolution v4.3.8.
  • Updated button styles for new Visual Composer classes.
  • Added minor style updates.
  • Added option to hide buttons in Simple Content shortcode.
  • Added error checking for new Visual Composer functions.
  • Fixed row class styles from Visual Composer not applied to Static Blocks.
  • Fixed horizontal masthead logo in IE8.
  • Fixed vertical masthead bottom gradient.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.3.3 (April 21st 2014)

Updates and fixes.

  • Added login popup to commments login.
  • Added help text for setting for no excerpt on blog shortcode.
  • Updated to Slider Revolution v4.3.6.
  • Upated to Visual Composer v4.1.1.1.
  • Updated help text for Icon Box element.
  • Updated Layout Manager and included Static Blocks as content source.
  • Improved error checking with fade in content feature.
  • Improved footer of image post format in grid display.
  • Fixed long titles not wrapping in IE8.
  • Fixed scrollbars in login popup.
  • Fixed conflict with Jetpack plugin.
  • Fixed margin bottom on portfolio with no title or excerpt.
  • Fixed margins on page comments.
  • Fixed ellipsis added to posts with no excerpt.
  • Fixed blog page template not applying.
  • Fixed typos in Edit Icon and Theme Options.
  • Fixed blog template setting for excerpts.
  • Fixed Portfolio template showing blank page.
  • Fixed footer default sidebar display.
  • Fixed Google font reference in default Resort slide show.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.3.2 (April 17th 2014)

Plugin update.

  • Updated Visual Composer v4.1.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.3.1 (April 4th 2014)

Small fixes.

  • Added minor style update to portfolio margins.
  • Removed old data files.
  • Fixed reset of category and custom post type layouts.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.3 (April 3rd 2014)


  • NEW! Starter Kits feature.
  • NEW! 1 Click Demo Install feature.
  • Added general style improvements.
  • Added iPad helper classes: ‘visible-ipad’ and ‘hidden-ipad’
  • Updated Visual Composer v4.0.4.
  • Updated Slider Revolution v4.3.3.
  • Updated default data structure.
  • Updated styles for Visual Composer changes.
  • Updated missing strings in translation file.
  • Fixed logo not visible in IE8.
  • Fixed full screen slideshow display in IE8.
  • Fixed scroll to top for WP admin bar offset.
  • Fixed blank page template height on IE.
  • Fixed sub-menus overlaying masthead on small screens.
  • Fixed text inputs showing “array” on new child themes.
  • Fixed blog layout left not showing titles when no media attached.
  • Fixed https security warning on @import rules.
  • Fixed quote post format background color gaps in grid layout.
  • Fixed link and hover colors in theme options.
  • Fixed sidebars not deleting.
  • Fixed plugin install message on child themes.
  • Fixed show featured image not disabling from blog settings.
  • Fixed mobile display not 100% if content width set to smaller percentage.
  • Fixed mobile menu position issue.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.1 (March 18th 2014)

Minor fixes.

  • Added minor style updates.
  • Updated to Slider Revolution v4.2.6.
  • Fixed custom menu font controls.
  • Fixed default blog template on home page.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2 (March 14th 2014)


  • Added better controls for font sizes, colors and more.
  • Added option to hide search in main menu (masthead).
  • Added option for custom placeholder text in main menu search input.
  • Added extra settings for docked navigation including docked responsive menu.
  • Added field for custom logo on mobile devices for responsive display.
  • Added Visual Composer v4.0.x style adjustments.
  • Added tablet and iPad specific style and functionality improvements.
  • Added default accent colors for skins to new image overlay effects.
  • Added “dismiss” option for plugin installer recommended items.
  • Updated plugin Revolution Slider to v4.2.5.
  • Updated plugin Visual Composer to v4.0.2.
  • Updated plugin installer to include “recommended” plugins.
  • Updated mobile styling for WooCommerce.
  • Updated organization of Theme Options display.
  • Updated various minor style adjustments.
  • Fixed styles in WooCommerce shopping cart.
  • Fixed blurry backgrounds on iPad.
  • Fixed full width backgrounds in Visual Composer v4.0.x.
  • Fixed file upload data type overwriting other fields.
  • Fixed saving and deleting layouts issue.
  • Fixed blog header display for posts without featured image.
  • Fixed conflict with UberMenu Pro navigation display vertical/horizontal.
  • Fixed layout manager “Allow Override” feature for page specific changes.
  • Fixed logo display in Firefox for skin 6.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1 (March 6th 2014)


  • NEW! Pricing tables: Go – Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables
  • NEW! Pricing tables: CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids
  • Added button for “Scroll to Top” feature.
  • Added new image overlay hover effects.
  • Updated responsive styling of woocommerce.
  • Updated demo layouts and options pages.
  • Updated demo content import file.
  • Updated translation files.
  • Fixed Visual Composer registration notice.
  • Fixed image upload in WP Customizer interface.
  • Fixed skin 4 and 7 menu styles for link centering.
  • Fixed logo scaling in vertical masthead on Firefox.
  • Fixed WPML display in WP menus.
  • Fixed excerpts in Simple Content shortcodes.
  • Fixed demo slideshows duplicated in child themes.
  • Fixed negative letter spacing bug in Chrome.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.1 (February 25th 2014)

Fixes and minor enhancements.

  • Added minor style tweaks and adjustments.
  • Fixed conflicts with UberMenu Pro.
  • Fixed error message in bbPress.
  • Fixed home page pagination bug.
  • Fixed error message during plugin install.
  • Fixed issue preventing saving of theme options.
  • Fixed issue with options reset.
  • Fixed missing layouts and settings.
Date: July 23, 2015