VAFA – Responsive OpenCart Theme

VAFA - Responsive OpenCart Theme

VAFA is a responsive design theme, created with attention to details special for the OpenCart platform. By using this theme for your online store or stores, you will be able to offer your customers the possibility to benefit from a pleasant and easy experience when they try to shop on-line. The VAFA theme has a nice design, easy to adapt to your needs. The colors, texts, layout and many others can be modified from only one place. In order to make these changes you don’t need to have special knowledge.

OpenCart and VAFA Theme – Demo Sites

All demo sites are made for informational purpose! The theme is very flexible, you can apply any configuration you want for your pages.

OpenCart and VAFA Theme – Admin Demo

We recommend that you visit the theme module administration. Navigate through the tabs and chapters to view all customization options you can have to manage your store. Login

  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo

Theme Features Key

  • Compatible with smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and smart TV
  • Compatible with all OpenCart features
  • Compatible with OpenCart Version
  • Multi language compatible, with LTR and RTL support
  • Multi currency compatible
  • Multi store management
  • Multi purpose theme
  • No 0808web copyright in footer, orders or admin
  • SEO optimization
  • SEO URL compatible
  • No changes in core files
  • Google Fonts used
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / LESS
  • Clean and commented code
  • Well organized files and folders
  • Well documented in HTML
  • Excellent results in tests (speed, usability etc.)
  • Integrated: Owl Carousel 2 / Font Awesome / Color Picker

Quality Responsive Design

We made this theme with design for smartphones as priority feature. Everything is build to be accessed easy and our main desire was to offer store customers the ability to send quickly an order. The site’s header is short and clean, this is a mandatory feature in responsive design.

Cart and Checkout are simple, fast and unique

The design for this pages is based on usability. Those two pages have a continue dynamicity and help your customers to go forward easily. Checkout tabs have integrated smart error notification functions. If somebody is trying to send an order and by mistake left a required field empty, the page will scroll automatically to the empty field, this helps the buyer to see better the error and decrease the rate for checkout abandon. This is a real problem, because when somebody clicks “Continue” or “Confirm” button over and over and nothing happens, that person will abandon the process of send the order. The VAFA “Cart” and “Checkout” pages are the best solution for your store.

eCommerce useful components

With this OpenCart template you can create a fantastic FAQ page to help your customers. By using the administration module you can add unlimited chapters and questions in your FAQ page.

Display in the footer a form and allow your customers to subscribe to your newsletter in a nicer way. This OpenCart template has integrated possibilities to sync your MailChimp account with your store.

Put what is important to you at one click distance. With this sticky info you can add unlimited icons in the site. You can use this to display your social network pages, youtube or vimeo video, almost everything you want.

Home Page Slideshow Full Multi Language

Make art from this powerful selling tool and create beautiful slides. You don’t need to have special knowledge, just use the settings form VAFA theme module administration.

Form Fields Control

“Fax”, “Company”, “Address 2” and “Website” are some form fields listed on some situations by the OpenCart platform. If you don’t need this information you can disable these fields from the forms, your customers will be happy to complete less information.

Trending Item

If you enable “Trending Item” in the category page, the product with the highest number of views, from total of items displayed in that page, will be highlighted by doubling the box size in width, also the image is enlarged, the color of the “Add to Cart” button changes and the trending badge is added. Considering the page layout, if the trending item is the last item from the row, the size will remain the same, only the color of the “Add to Cart” button changes and the trending badge is added. You can change the text “Trending Item” with any other text you want: “Popular”, “Most Viewed”, “Recommended” etc.

Full Screen Product Image Gallery

This product gallery is created special for this theme. At the bottom of the screen are displayed all the additional images that the product has and above is the main image. Your customers will be able to change the background of the gallery and the size of the main image.

Add to Cart Popup Notification

After your customers add to cart an item, they will have the possibility to access directly the “Shopping Cart” or “Checkout”. If the item that is added in the cart has related products, those products will be displayed below the text confirmation, otherwise below the text will be displayed the cart total. In the left bottom corner of the popup window is displayed your store phone number (if the user is logged in their account) or “Register” and “Login” links (if the user is not logged in).

Other Popup Sections

The popup window is a perfect tool to display any type of content. Everybody is familiarized with them and they will remain the strongest design trick to keep a visitor concentrated in one place when necessary.

Theme Customization

It is not necessary to have design or programming knowledge to use this theme. After you purchase the theme you will install at the same time an admin module that will help you customize your site like you want. Everything you want to customize will be found in the same place. The admin module of the theme has an easy to use interface. A plus is the fact that you can translate all the texts from the module in any (LTR) language you want.

Assets and Copyright

The Public Collections from our profile are made in order to offer you access to images used on the demo sites. No images used in the demo sites are included in the downloaded package. All rights reserved to the image owner (for all images from demo sites and documentation). Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Our OpenCart Themes Portfolio

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Date: December 13, 2015