Unite Gallery – WordPress Plugin

Unite Gallery - WordPress Plugin

Link to Gallery demo: Unite Gallery WP Demo



The Unite Gallery is all in one image and video gallery for WordPress.

It’s based on the unite gallery javscript version, and has a very powerfull and intuitive wordpess admin for your ease of use.
Every gallery option has it’s description, devided into logical sections, and the items manager is very intuitive windows explorer style.
Yet this gallery is very powerfull, fast and has the most of nowdays must have features like responsiveness, touch enabled and even zoom feature, it’s unique effect.

Unite Gallery WP Plugin Features:

  • 9 Premium types
  • 120+ gallery options
  • The gallery plays 4 types of videos: youtube, vimeo, html5 video and wistia (special)
  • Premium built in media lightbox
  • You can mix image and video items in every theme
  • Category Tabs functionality (NEW)
  • Touch Enabled – Every gallery parts can be controlled by the touch on touch enabled devices
  • Skinnable – Allow to change skin with ease in different css file without touching main gallery css.
  • Zoom Effect – The gallery has unique zoom effect that could be applied within buttons, mouse wheel or pinch gesture on touch enabled devices. Works in the themes as well in the lightbox
  • Special video gallery theme with 3 skins
  • Powerfull WordPress gallery manager admin
  • Intuitive WordPress gallery items manager
  • Tons of options. The gallery has huge amount of options for every gallery object that make the customization process easy and fun.

Change Log:

     14.07.15 - version 1.5.7      -feature: added option:  "Always Show Video Play Icon" in tile design section      -feature: done "export/import gallery" feature     -feature: added "lightbox zoom max ratio" functionality     -feature: added option - lightbox slider transition      -feature: added option - big image resolution (for tiles and themes)      -bug fix: fixed size bugs in justified type     -bug fix: fixed position: left,right for tiles columns view.       15.06.15 - version 1.5.3 b1      -feature: added "advanced tab" with custom styles / scripts     -feature: added "destroy function to API"      -feature: added thumb resolution for the themes     -feature: added thumb size: thumbnail (150x150)      -bug fix: fixed some ie8 related issues     -bug fix: disabled scrolling on lightbox with mousewheel: none      12.06.15 - version 1.5      -feature: added "category tabs" functionality     -feature: php output function      17.05.15 - version 1.4.4      -feature: enable slider area links     -feature: added "compress output" option in the troubleshooting section     -feature: added option - shuffle items at start     -bug fix: fixed widget output     -bug fix: fixed youtube backend select      04.05.15 - version 1.4      -change: video in lightbox compact mode opens in frame instead of on full screen      -feature: added admin/editor permissions change options in globals     -feature: added option: slider_background_opacity     -feature: added option: gallery_mousewheel_role     -feature: added scale mode: fitdown     -feature: added vertical page scroll on drag       19.04.15 - Version 1.3.6      -feature: added top position navigation option in carousel view     -feature: added mobile hide options to slider buttons and zoom panel     -feature: added "update plugin" button      08.04.15 - Version 1.3.2      -feature: added option to disable close video button      -bug fix: fixed the flickering when close compact lightbox with view playing.     -bug fix: fixed bug with text panel not always on on themes.     -bug fix: text panel was not show on carousel cloned items     -bug fix: fixed issue with one item only on carousel      01.04.15 - Version 1.3      -feature: added "compact" lightbox type      -bug fix: fixed php failure with custom size and youtube thumbs       26.03.15 - Version 1.2.16 b2      -bug fix: fixed the appearance of radio button in chrome browser in the admin      23.03.15 - Version 1.2.16       -bug fix: fixed some bug with resonsiveness     -bug fix: fixed output style (removed ob_start function).      -feature: added lightbox close on escape button       09.03.15 - Version 1.2.11       -bug fix: adopted mobile clickable capabilities for carousel and tiles grid types          08.03.15 - Version 1.2.10      -Feature: added tile text panel source (title, description) option      -bug fix: adopted tiles clickable functions for mobile and tablet         -bug fix: fixed gallery background color     -bug fix: fixed lightbox text align     -bug fix: fixed disable progress indicator option      1.03.15 - Version 1.2.7      - Feature: Added disable lightbox option        22.02.15 - Version 1.2.3      - Feature: Added lightbox related options like overlay opacity and slider zoom on/off.       
Date: July 2, 2015