Uni Avatar – WP Avatar Manager Plugin

Uni Avatar - WP Avatar Manager Plugin


This plugin gives you an ability to enable fancy avatars for your users. The plugin includes predefined avatar images and gives an ability to upload your own set of avatar images as well.

Support of BuddyPress and bbPress

In version 1.6 the support of BuddyPress and bbPress was added to the plugin. Your custom avatars will be automatically displayed on pages of bbPress. As well as upload form on the profile page of this plugin. As for BuddyPress – now you can enable Uni Avatar plugin functions on plugin’s options page.

Not sure how it works? Just try a demo!


Default avatar icon author: Mahm0udWally

Predefined avatar icons:

These icons are included in the item’s archive

Icons from Professions Vector Characters Icons Set1.2 are used ONLY in demo and are NOT included in the item’s archive.


 Version 1.6.2: - Fixed: some bugs - Change: optimized code  Version 1.6.1: - Fix: fixed several minor bugs  Version 1.6: - Added: support for BuddyPress - Added: support for bbPress - Change: removed deprecated code - Fix: fixed several minor bugs  Version 1.5.3 - Fix: fixed several minor bugs - Change: changed the position of admin menu of the plugin; now it is under 'Users' admin menu - Added: option to enable custom avatars everywhere and override gravatars or display custom avatars only by using shortcode of the plugin  Version 1.5: - Release 
Date: July 5, 2015