Ultimate Media Background for WordPress

Ultimate Media Background for WordPress

Available for jQuery

Display full screen media backgrounds with ease

You can display full screen video, image, and/or color backgrounds. Supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Dailymotion, and HTML5.

See how it works on the demo site.

Simple to Use

Unlike other plugins that make you go all over your WordPress website to find where you want to insert your short code, with UMBG you simply select where you want it to display right from the ‘Add New’ or ‘Edit’ screen. No short codes needed.

Admin pages are styled to match the rest of WordPress so everything matches with what you are familiar with.

If you need to uninstall the plugin, it does not leave any files on your server or any data in your database. It will completely remove everything associated with it and will not leave any “junk” cluttering your site, specially your database. Uploaded media files (images/videos) are the only files that UMBG will not remove.

Full of Options

All of the necessary settings to display full screen backgrounds to your needs:

  • Append To
  • Media Type
  • Media ID or File Location
  • Poster
  • Overlay – 43 styles included
  • Quality – HD or SD
  • Start At
  • End At
  • Delay
  • Loop
  • Audio
  • Controls – change it’s visibility, colors & placement
  • Page-Up-Down (PUD)
  • Enlarge Media – hide unwanted objects
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Image Display Duration
  • Image Effect – includes Pan Zoom (aka Ken Burns)
  • Image Effect Easing
  • Disable on mobile devices
  • And many more!

Page-Up-Down (PUD) allows the page to be scroll up and down to display a full view of the video or image background. Fully adjustable for all your needs.

Internationalization & Localization Supported

  • Source POT file included.
  • Spanish/EspaƱol translation included! (.mo & .po files)


  • Documentation File – Mobile Friendly
  • UMBG Files Folder (Use this files for FTP installations)
  • UMBG Zipped Files Folder (Use this files when you install from WordPress)


What media can I use?

With UMBG you can use videos, images, or colors to display beautiful full screen backgrounds. Supports HTML5 videos and hosted videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Wistia. You can also use multiple images to create a full screen slideshow.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Mobile devices do not autoplay videos but UMBG replaces them with a poster image that you pre-select. You can use UMBG’s mobile device options to enable or disable displaying on mobile devices.

What UMBG does not do?

UMBG is not a media editor. It only lets you use the media you select as a full screen background and helps you adapt the media to a page with the available options. For media needs that go beyond what UMBG can do please use a media editing software to modify the media file further or consult the proper professional.

Does it include videos or images?

UMBG does not include any media. It does not include any videos or any images. You must use videos from the supported video hosting websites or use an HTML5 video or upload your own images to use with UMBG. Only the overlay patterns are included with UMBG.


UMBG requires WordPress 4.0 and greater, as well as, PHP 5.3 and greater.

Change Log

2015-07-21 – v1.2.3
– Enhance code for YouTube videos.
– Added ‘step’ property to video Start At & End At input box.

2015-07-06 – v1.2.2
– Add compatibility with PHP 5.3.
– Remove PUD restriction to hide controls.
– Update documentation.

2015-06-29 – v1.2.1
– Reactivation no longer resets global settings.
– Enhance disable mobile devices code.
– Fix YouTube play button sometimes not working.
– Fix uninstall action not deleting four option settings from the database.
– Fix not displaying on mobile phones after updating to 1.2.

2015-06-23 – v1.2
– Add option to disable backgrounds on mobile phones only.
– Add Wistia do not track option.
– Fix internationalization code.
– Update documentation and spanish translation.

2015-06-17 – v1.1.2
– Fix HTML5 audio volume not matching set level.

2015-06-16 – v1.1.1
– Fix HTML5 audio playing while audio option is disable.

2015-06-16 – v1.1
– Add disable on mobile device feature.
– Update Vimeo API change.
– Fix the CSS style issue with the controls on mobile phones.

2015-05-29 – v1.0
– Initial Release

Date: July 18, 2015