Überadmin is simple, modern and clean feature rich admin template, widget ready.
It has 3 pages, login, dashboard and page with elements that can be used for creating all other pages.
Also it comes with 3 different styles (icons, gradients, flat) that can be combined.
Colors are separated from layout, and colors can be modified easily.


  • valid XHTML
  • valid CSS
  • tableless layout
  • tested and working in all common browsers
  • IE6 supported, but simplified (with some minor bugs)
  • easy to customize
  • 3 different styles (icons, gradients and flat)
  • 3 page templates (login, dashboard and elements)
  • jquery drag & drop, and collapsable widgets (on dashboard and elements page)
  • jquery drop down for quick links (on dashboard and elements page)
  • jquery table sorter (for sorting items in table)

There is a documented help file and PSD file for further customization:

  • elements (form items, table, icons)


  • Pinvoke Fugue icons
  • jQuery Table Sorter
  • jQuery iNettuts widgets Überadmin

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HTML templates

Überadmin Überadmin Überadmin Überadmin Überadmin Überadmin Überadmin

Date: July 13, 2015