Twitter Lead Generator

Twitter Lead Generator

Twitter Lead Generator – current version 1.01 available for download!

Twitter Lead Generator

Search twitter for leads using Keywords or hashtags.

To view the live demo visit and log in using demo/demo as username/password.

Time is money and we don’t all have time to find leads each and every day. Now you can automate your lead generation by crawling Twitter for websites based on any specific keyword or hashtag.


  • Automatically Crawl Twitter and find leads for your business

Twitter Lead Generator

What does it do?

After much research and testing we have created this plugin to crawl Twitter users to find those who ahve specific keywords or hashtags in their profile and then we generate a report with information including their website, twitter description, their follower/following count and more. Simply install the plugin, create a Twitter app in 5 minutes, add the app id/secret to the plugin, add a few keywords or hashtags and lastly setup a cron job to run. In less than 20 minutes you can be generating great leads for your business.

Twitter Lead Generator

Our success is based on our customer satisfaction. Our support team is dedicated to helping clients solve any issues they might experience. We are long time developers with an impeccable record of developing enterprise applications for clients around the world. The products we have here are time tested by us and are used on a daily basis by all our direct clients.

Twitter Lead Generator

The Team

Heres to your success and thank you for your interest in Twitter Manager,


Twitter Lead Generator 1.01, 2016-09-10  

Twitter Lead Generator Twitter Lead Generator Twitter Lead Generator Twitter Lead Generator Twitter Lead Generator
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Date: August 11, 2016