Traveler – Travel/Tour/Booking WordPress Theme

Traveler - Travel/Tour/Booking WordPress Theme

Traveler - Travel/Tour/Booking WordPress Theme

We are updated new version V1.1.7 – July 24, 2015

 - [NEW] MAP (Full width, 1/2 Page) Feature for each Post type, contain Ajax Search, Filter on Map, Marker Information Box, and many other feature - [New] Hide admin-bar vs Normal User - [Update] Deposit for normal booking - [New] New element: Hotel Relate Item (Similar with rental, car, hotel) - [New] Hotel now can belong multi location - [New] Now can add more than once Search Tab with the same Type. - [New] Allow add custom css (with shortcode) to search form - [Update] Partner now can input the External Booking for Hotel (Car, Rental....) - [New] Now support for qTransalteX, - [New] Add new option allow Partner is allowed to set Featured for a Hotel - [Update] Fix element: ST Tour Price not working - [Update] Main color nor working - [Update] Rental Search By Name not working - [Update] Payment gateway for each Item in dashboard not working - [New] Add Car Review Summary - [Update] HOtel Near By wrong calculation - [Update] l10n for calendar - [New] Add Discount Flash for Hotel - [Update] Update Visual Composer to 4.6.1 - [Update] New Demo Data - [Update] Rental Filter Not Working - [Update] Rental Orderby Price not working - [Update] Improve the Location Seach Field - [New] Add Location Taxonomy - [Update] Now Partner can set the Booking Period Date 

We are updated new version V1.1.6 – July 06, 2015

 - HOT fix: Hotel Near error => Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given... - HOT fix: Gmap Not showing - HOT fix: Fatal error: Call to undefined function st_reg_taxonomy() - Update: Problem with price decimal when use Woocommerce Checkout (Eg 6.12$ will be 6.00$) - Update: Hotel Last minute deal not working if Room not be long to other Hotel 

We are updated new version V1.1.5 – July 03, 2015

 - Update: Visual Composer - Fix bug in element: Price Filter - New: Layout Elements now can input Title field. (Example Review Title will not show if there is no review) - Update: Car review not showing - Update: Tour Date in element ST List Tours - New: Hide booked day in the calendar for Hotel and Rental - Update: Allow create room without choose the Hotel in Partner Zone - New: Hotel Room Layout, allow place review for Hotel Room, allow booking in Hotel Room detail page - New: Rental Room, allow place review for Rental Room - New: You can create custom fields for Hotel Room in theme options - New: Now you can input custom fields data right in the Partner Zone - New: Add ADE Currency - New: Activity can choose Daily and Specific Date. - New: Add new option to allow hide or show Shopping Address in Woocommerce Checkout page. - Update: Element "List of Rental" now can filter by taxonomy and terms - New: Element "ST Image Effect" now contain URL field. - New: Add new option to change Time format from 12h to 24h - New: Location detail page, add new layout for Location detail page - New: Add new option to allow custommer add one or more reviews per each Item - Update: Re-order and Re-create Partner menu - Update: Show Option tree menu in the backend - Fix: Car Booking not working. Get the message "Booking day in the past"  

We are updated new version V1.1.4 – June 23, 2015

 - HOT FIX: Remove Call to undefined function st_reg_post_type() - Change Nearby item: Change order by date to order by distance and fix query problem - Fix Car Booking with Modal not working - Update: Search with location name - Fix: Booking Hotel show error with check-in and check-out - Update: Car now allow input Lat and Lon that use for Google Map in single page  

We are updated new version V1.1.3 – June 19, 2015

 - New: Car Equipment price per day or per hour - New: Add Map in single Car - Update: Now allow to add or remove required field of Car Booking - New: Add option allow hide the user navigation box - Update: Change order_code to order_token_code in payment_success_url - Update: Add Adult and Children Price for Activity - Update layout for page Booking History - New: Show taxonomy icon for activity and tours - New: Now allow partner change status of his item (Publish to draft) - Update: Location URL in single page, now allow to choose between Search page or Location Single page - Update: Slide Location not show in mobile - Update: Fix link search in     ST simple location      ST list location     ST slide location  - Update: Add sort by taxonomy in     ST list tour     ST list activity - New: Now turn the filter in widget into VC Elements. Easy for user to create the left filter - Update: Allow to add more than one ST Text Slide in single page (The same with ST Search with background gallery)     - New: Now allow turn off theme service in Traveler Settings -> General Options. After disable Hotel (Car, Tour...) will be hide from the backend. 

We are updated new version V1.1.2 – June 10, 2015

 - Hot Fix: Deposit Amount - New: Add option to show Hotel star instead of Review Score in search result page - Hot fix: Hotel Name not working - Hot fix: Add Deposit for Tour section - Hot fix: Review without log-in 

We are updated new version V1.1.1 – June 06, 2015

 - Add New: Integrate with WOOCOMMERCE. Now you can use all PAYMENT GATEWAYS form Woocommerce.(Check out and Cart page are not the same look) - Add New: Partner can add Location now - Add New: Sale Reporting for Partner - Add New: Add new search field: Search by title - Add New:       + Setting different prices for each apartment in different seasons (high, medium, low, holidays)      + Additional paid options that can be added to reservation  - Update: Comment not showing in Page  - Update: use date_i18n when showing datetime - Update: Fix customer can see bookings from other customer - Fix: Filter with Location - Fix: Paging problem (404 not found problem when go to page 2 some time) - Fix: Car filter not working - Update: Car Pick-up/ Droff-up time format - Fix: Tour Nearby does not show the price 

We are updated new version V1.1.0 – May 22, 2015

  - New: Max people in Rental - Update: Demo data for One-click feature - Update: Turn layout shortcode to VC Elements - Update: Search in header compatible with WPML - Update: Partner Create Room function. Now allow to add room price with date range - Update: Add new option for Car (Traveler Settings->Car Options) allow set "Booking Days included check-in day". Example: 12/05/2015->13/05/2015 ===> Duration 2 days - NEW: Search result page now build in Page Template. Easy for create search results page. - Update: Update problem with car booking. - Update: Default Roboto font for heading tag - Update: Add effect for element "Slide Location" and "Slide Tetimonials"  - Update: Partner Create Car: Partner’s Post must be approved by admin according to admin settings but is not working. - Update: User setting. Now user can change the Nick Name - Update: Search field now can set the required attribute - Update: Fix problem with element "ST Simple Location"  - Update: Partner Create Hotel, Now partner can set the AVG Price for hotel - Update: Fix problem with Rental Search (No results found) - Update: Fix problem with "Change search" for Tour - Update: Fix pagination problem in list "My Hotel", the same problem for Car, Rental.... - Update: Now Partner can view the Booking List of their item (Check The User Dashboard Page)  - Update: Traveler-code plugin to 1.1.0 

We are updated new version V1.0.9 – May 13, 2015

 - Add New: Flaticon Uploader and more Add More Font Icons - Add New: Iconpicker for admin - Add New: Add Price for Hotel for each time. - Add New: Option allow show price with tax included in listing page and single page - New Hotel room search. Room price now is total price (depend on the check in and check out field) - Update Booking Rule: You can't make bookings x day(s) prior to the date wanted - Update New: Now allow input Item Id into some elements + ST List Activity + ST List Hotel + ST List Rental + ST List Tour + ST List Car + ST List Location - Add New: Hide OptionTree Menu in the admin panel - Update: Category Filter. Allow copy it and use for menu - Add New: Payment Gateway for each Item. Allow turn on/off for each bookable item. - Add New: Location Detail Layout - Update: Search autocomplete in header     + Add new option to allow hide the search box     + Add new option to allow search by  hotel, car or rental ... only     + Add new option to change search order and order by 

We are updated new version V1.0.8 – May 05, 2015

     - Update: Traveler-code Plugins to 1.0.8: Allow to update via Backend and auto check update     - Fix: Error in loop_room.php file (Single hotel)     - Update Paypal Checkout.      - Fix: Redirect after paypal checkout     - Fix: Booking page : change Your payment "-> "Your order" when submit booking     - Fix Attribute: Can not add new attribute (Some customers)     - Fix Ipad Bug and Search Location Bug:  Ipad Responsive design     - Add: Add option to allow Turn off Guest Booking? 

We are updated new version V1.0.7 – April 30, 2015

  - Fixed some bugs  - [Updated] plugin traveler-code to version 1.0.6  - [Updated] plugin Visual Composer to version 4.5  

We are updated new version V1.0.6 – April 23, 2015

     - Fix tab content in single page not showing.     - Fix Login/ Register page 

We are updated new version V1.0.5 – April 22, 2015

 - NEW: Woocommerce Layout (Grid and List) - New: New search fields: Location Dropdown - New: Hide Location, Layout and  Coupon for partner in Admin - New: Only show Item of current partner in Wp-admin - NEW: You can add unlimited custom fields for  Hotel, Car, Rental.... - NEW: You can add taxonomy in search fields - NEW: Search elements. Easy create search tab and search form  - Fix: Change currency URL: Currency URL in header redirect to home page in hotel detail (use permalink) - Fix: Gmap not working with HTTPS - Fix: Last booking message wrong - Fix: User Dashboard URL permalinks. - Fix: User Dashboard Overview section - Fix: Booking detail only can see by user who book it - Fix: Custom css not show 

We are updated new version V1.0.3 – April 08, 2015

 - Fix: Custom css not show in frontend. - Fix: Missing ot_settings_id functions - Fix: Compatible with plugin: Envato WordPress Toolkit - Fix: i18n Text in Profile Page. 

We are updated new version V1.0.2 – April 07, 2015

 *   - Update: Profile Page. Add marker history booking of user. - Add Option to change post type slug  *   - Fix Order Confirm Not Send. - Add option to send email to admin and to Owner of item when there is new Booking. - Update "Traveler Settings" layout  *   - Fix i18n in elements: List Car - Fix search room error: When no booking exists, search by room available was wrong. - Fix View Rental Booking Detail in Dashboard (Got blank page).  *  - Fix breadcrumb link to 404 page. - Update Tour: + Tour Type: Daily tour, Specific Date + Price Type: Price / Tour, Price / Person + Input date user want to join tour. - Add Arabic Demo Content - Traveler-code plugin update to v1.0.2 

We are updated new version V1.0.1 – Mar 28, 2015

 - Traveler-code plugin to v1.0.1 - Add Oneclick Importer - Fix and improve perfomance - Traveler theme to v1.0.1 - Fix User online and last booking feature not working. - Fix: Remove "http://" from Hotel Email - Change: Tour metabox layouts - Update: Attribute page layout + Add: Sticky Menu, Turn on/off in theme-options + Add: None booked user can review - Updated Documentation 

Traveler is All in One Booking WordPress Theme especially for travel company/agent and any personal website.

It based on deep research on the most popular travel booking websites such as, tripadvisor, yahoo travel, expedia, priceline,, travelocity, kayak, orbitz, etc. This guys can’t be wrong. You should definitely give it a shot

It comes with Hotel Booking, Car Booking, Rental Booking, Activity Booking, Tour Booking and much more continue updating in next time. We integrated payment method for you can easier for use our site for your business.

Traveler - Travel/Tour/Booking WordPress Theme

Traveler - Travel/Tour/Booking WordPress Theme

Theme Features:

Friendly Option Panel: We design option panel very friendly and easy to understand for use it.

Can Make Feature & Discount count code – You can create a discount code very easy in admin. Smart Search – Help you quickly find the item match with query

Paypal Integrated – We integrated PAYPAL to our theme for help you better with you business.

Visual Composer – Trusted by more than 100.000+ sites all the world. Very friendly for use with minimum knowledge coding.

Responsive Design – Our theme compatible with all devices PC/Macbook/Ipad/Iphone and so on.

Bootstrap Base – Our theme build base on Bootstrap technology

User Register As a Partner of site: It’s mean user can upload content at font-end and can management content via Dashboard.

Feature Product: You can set product as Feature for every kind of item on site like: Hotel, Room, Tour, Car, Rental, Activity.

Discount for any item: We integrated this function for every item on site in case you need set up discount for what item you need just going to admin can config it very easy.

Social LoginOur theme support for social network, you can easy for sharing info for any social network you like.

Wish List Our theme comes with Wish List function allow client easier for following interested item.

Date: July 26, 2015