Travel WordPress Theme – GoExplore!

Travel WordPress Theme - GoExplore!

Travel WordPress Theme, Destination Directory & Blog

Create your travel agency, lodge, club, blog or destination website the quick and easy way. The GoExplore! travel WordPress theme can manage any travel website, from a personal travel blog to a world travel guide book.

Travel WordPress Theme - GoExplore!

Turn your site into a community with many contributors, or just you. It’s easy with the custom tools we’ve created. Use the directory to build resources such as flights, tours, restaurants and other travel services.

Build a website your visitors want to come back to again and again.

Travel WordPress Theme - GoExplore!

Travel WordPress Theme - GoExplore!

Travel WordPress Theme - GoExplore!

A destination can be whatever makes sense for your website. If you’re creating a site for a large theme park, the destinations might be the different sections, with rides and activities as the child destinations. A more traditional concept would be a country, region and city relationship, but that’s too easy. Use your creativity and you’ll quickly see how any travel site can take advantage of the Travel Destinations plugin.

Travel Guides

Add sub-pages to destinations for extra details and unlimited depth. With the addition of sub-pages, the destination becomes a full featured travel guide.


Each destination has it’s own directory for cataloging restaurants, tours, activities, museums, and much more. You create the categories and decide what types of ratings apply. Choose from stars and dollars, or add the ones you need. If we didn’t include a ratings symbol, add your own for custom scales to rate your directory items.

Travel WordPress Theme - GoExplore!

Travel WordPress Theme - GoExplore!

Theme Features

  • Super-ultra-mega responsive
  • SEO optimized
  • Traditional and modern blog styles
  • Sidebar generator
  • Sidebar selector for pages and posts
  • Custom home page controls
  • Travel Destinations plugin
  • Content Blocks plugin
  • Custom headers for pages and posts
  • Custom headers for destinations
  • Hide title setting for pages and posts
  • Multiple blog list styles
  • Featured destinations
  • Destination categories
  • Destination resource directory
  • Destination child pages
  • Revolution Slider support (plugin not included)
  • Custom author pages
  • Destination resource ratings
  • Custom rating symbols (stars, dollars or add your own)
  • Per topic ratings
  • Custom login styles
  • Unbranded white label admin
  • Google Fonts support
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Retina ready
  • Translation ready (.po/.mo files)
  • Demo content included
  • All Photoshop files included
  • and so much more…

GoExplore! was created in collaboration with author simonswiss.

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Updates and notifications

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.4 (July 17th 2015)

Small fix

  • Fixed article headers not showing featured images.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.3 (July 16th 2015)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Travel Destinations plugin to v1.1.3.
  • Updated Ninja Forms plugin to v2.9.21.
  • Updated Google Fonts list.
  • Added support for HTML in Directory meta fields.
  • Added better support for destination pages custom URLs.
  • Fixed home page blog “more” link when no category is set.
  • Fixed destination sub-menu ordering.
  • Fixed page header settings not saving.
  • Fixed issues with information page URLs.
  • Fixed child destinations not being displayed.
  • Fixed filter on Directory Items admin page.
  • Fixed directory header image unrelated to parent destination.
  • Fixed custom JavaScript stripping line breaks.
  • Fixed destination pages content saving multiple times.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.2 (July 3rd 2015)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Travel Destinations plugin to v1.1.2.
  • Updated demo content file.
  • Fixed number of posts in Destinations > Settings defaults not working.
  • Fixed media picker in theme options not working.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2.1 (June 26th 2015)

Updates and fixes

  • Updated Travel Destinations plugin to v1.1.1.
  • Updated Ninja Forms plugin to v2.9.19.
  • Fixed maps in Articles and Places areas showing wrong location.
  • Fixed titles on menus. (Bootstrap nav walker using titles for special features.)
  • Fixed map pin popup breaking if Header Introduction Text begins with certain characters.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.2 (June 25th 2015)

Feature updates and bug fixes

  • Updated Travel Destinations plugin to v1.1.
  • Updated Ninja Forms plugin to v2.9.18.
  • Added Number of Posts fields in destination settings.
  • Added support for Google Maps to destinations and directory item pages.
  • Added options for showing/hiding headers in destinations areas.
  • Added US and GB translation files to Travel Destinations plugin.
  • Added theme GB translation file.
  • Fixed destinations Empty Trash button functionality.
  • Fixed include posts on destination home option.
  • Fixed master pages order not working properly.
  • Fixed inconsistent URL structure for destination pages.
  • Fixed JavaScript error on directory item admin rating settings.
  • Fixed special characters issue in destination Header Introduction Text, and allows HTML.
  • Fixed Simple Theme Slider admin scripts being loaded on the public website.
  • Fixed pagination for Places.
  • Fixed typo in main JavaScript file that caused an error in Safari.
  • Removed references to remote JS files (CDN) and added custom JS to footer instead of header.

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1.1 (May 29th 2015)

Bug fix

  • Fix for footer background styles

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.1.0 (May 28th 2015)

Feature Updates

  • Added Simple Theme Slider plugin
  • Added Revolution Slider support
  • Added custom Ratings Icon feature
  • Added fields for custom home page section titles
  • Added next/previous post navigation
  • Updated menu styling
  • Updated home page display for alternate settings
  • Updated extension folder organization
  • Fixed custom destination permalinks modifying URL
  • Fixed error message in sidebars manager
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbars on nav toggle for tablets
  • Fixed Jetpack error
  • Fixed permalinks in Travel Destinations plugin
  • Fixed Master Pages not deleting
  • Fixed error on destination first save

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.1 (May 22nd 2015)

Bug fix update.

  • Added code editor to home page options
  • Added custom CSS field to theme options
  • Added custom JavaScript field to theme options
  • Fixed custom colors in theme options
  • Fixed errors on Destination save if no category
  • Fixed image size variation for “Places”
  • Fixed empty values on Destination url error

THEME UPDATE – VERSION 1.0.0 (May 14th 2015)

Initial release.

  • No changes, yet.
Date: July 27, 2015