It’s dark, it’s spectacular!

Are You looking for a template to bring excitement to Your customers? TechBuzz template is the best way to complement Your Hi-Tech products, Your knowledge base, brand new interactive solutions and even motorization products – Yes, they present extraordinarily with it!.

TechBuzz TechBuzz TechBuzz TechBuzz TechBuzz

Though the template goes in one color it’s a perfect way to express the true character of Your message – the best quality. Feel free to add any kind of photos, everything looks richly with TechBuzz template. And if I may be permitted to speak again, the ultra professional appearance of this newsletter will allow You to show the content in the context You desire.

Main features

  • Social Media and other icons perfectly correspond with layout style and are added for free.
  • Mailchimp full compatibility
  • Fully customizable modular structure
  • Ultra-professional look
  • The One unique color scheme
  • Goes best with Hi-tech products!

The package is delivered with:

  • 11 HTML ready to use e-mail templates
  • Fully customizable modular structure
  • One, unique color scheme
  • PSD files – You can customize all shapes!
  • Full, easy to follow documentation that helps you to fully customize your own, unique newsletter
  • Tested in all popular mail clients, MailChimp compatibility confirmed
  • TechBuzz

    With TechBuzz Newsletter You have no need for color customization

    It comes in the one prestigious blue, the best template color for Your unique message

    Fonts and photos

    Impact and Arial are main fonts
    Photos are used for preview only, they are not a part of the package


    MailChimp and Campaign Monitor Ready!

    TechBuzz Was tested in: Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Windows Mail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail and others, it works perfectly. Also it’s a pleasure to use it in every browser. HTML pages looks just perfectly in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.


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    Date: June 29, 2015