Stato Landing Page

Stato Landing Page

Stato Landing PageStato Landing PageStato Landing PageStato Landing Page

Stato Landing Page

Amazing even for a landing page!

Version 1.0

The landing page was designed for anyone looking to stand out with a sleek, modern design. Aimed at people looking for a landing page to build on, this page offers a lot of flexibility in the code, considering it’s only HTML & CSS.

The Navigation, Header, Featured Area, What’s Next?, Main Content, Newsletter and Footer are all in separate wrapping divs. Appropriately named:

  • Navigation: #nav_wrap
  • Header: #header_wrap
  • Featured Area: #featured_wrap
  • etc …

General Information CSS

I’ve used two CSS files for this page, the first is the typography.css file. I’ve used it so that I can keep the style.css file clearer and easier to navigate. As you can rightly assume the second is the style.css file which is used for the entire layout, I take pride in my work so if you see things that aren’t necessary then I can assure they, I just use a lot of CSS to get near-perfect results. I’ve also separated each section of the CSS like so: /* This is where the title of the section would go. */


If you wish to change the typography in anyway then just go to the appropriately named typography.css file and go down as far as line 16.

The .PSD

Fonts used;

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Stato Landing Page Stato Landing Page

Date: July 1, 2015