Starlight Reponsive Admin Template

Starlight Reponsive Admin Template

Starlight Admin Template is a new admin template with many features, plugins and custom elements that you can use fo your backend projects. This

template is very useful for any type of application whether for desktop or mobile devices. This template includes one of the very useful interfaces like

chat, wizard form, sliders, tables, etc. It also includes 2 additional template colors to choose from. Feel free to use this template for any of your projects.

If you found any bugs, strange looks, errors or have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know, no guarantees but I will do my best to fix those issues

as soon as possible. Don’t forget to give this a star Starlight Reponsive Admin Template Enjoy!

List of features

Some Features

Collapsible Menu

Starlight Reponsive Admin Template
Starlight allows you to collapse the left menu just like WordPress, in order for you to focus on the entire screen.

Tabbed Notifications

Starlight Reponsive Admin Template
Starllight uses single drop down notifications by multiple tab for your recent activities (messages, activities, etc) just what Google plus did.

Quick View Data in Table

Starlight Reponsive Admin Template
Starlight have features to view/edit your data quickly.

You can view this template screenshot and live preview demo to see some other features of Starlight. Dont’ forget to give this template a star. Enjoy!

Change Log

v.1.8 – Added: Left sub menu shows when collapsed
v.1.7 – Fixed minor bug issues
v.1.6 – Fixed minor bug issues
v.1.5 – Added breadcrumbs, autocomplete
v1.3 – Fix minor bugs
v1.2 – Fix minor bugs
v1.1- Added Datepicker
v1.0 – First Release

Date: July 17, 2015