Stage — a PSD template

Stage -- a PSD template

Stage is a professional Website design that caters to Marketers of both iPhone applications as well as corporate products. Stage offers a easy way to present your product in the best possible light to your consumer, with a refreshing and modern color scheme. Stage also comes along with numerous ready made page designs that allow you maximum ease in customizing.

Stage includes:

- 5 ready made page designs, including a ‘single page’ neutral design that is suitable for pages of other purposes – Separate PSD files for each page, which have numerous layer styles and minimum layer mergers to allow for the maximum customizeability. – A dropdown menu logo ( see screenshot 2 ) that allows you to provide a link to other products in the same line.


Hey guys! Please give me your comments on the PSD so that I can make the appropriate changes when coding this into HTML =) Tell me which pages you think I should include as well (consider the portfolio page a html page). For example, if you think your company desperately needs a “What i ate for breakfast” page, tell me! Stage -- a PSD template

The HTML version will include a computer screen on both front and feature pages as seen here: This will hopefully mean that even sellers of computer applications can use the theme. Have more suggestions? Simply leave them in the comments.

Also, because of licensing regulations, the iPhones in the actual psd do not have the vertical strip and button. You can probably replace it with your own iPhone PSD though Stage -- a PSD template


Not to forget the following people who allowed me to use their work on their template, as well as many others!

The art used for placeholders:

Icons on single page:

Check out my other files here!:
Stage -- a PSD template

Stage -- a PSD template

Stage -- a PSD template

Stage -- a PSD template

Date: July 4, 2015