SquareGrid – Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio

SquareGrid - Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio

Hello. This is SquareGrid theme for Portfolio. It has really powerful portfolio layout that can show your items for 5 different sizes. Also it supports Image (images), Audio and Video (youtube, vimeo).

Web site and private or company brand pages are more popular these days. But all people aren’t web developer or programmer. So what can people do?

Of course, you have a chance to have best demo site. We suggest you this best one. It doesn’t need your knowledge on CSS or PHP. It gives you abilities to manage your site very simple. For example, if you want to change your site color, size and layout you could just work on admin panel and additional options. It is easy to draw your site corporate style.

Just imagine then draw your site!

SquareGrid - Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio SquareGrid - Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio SquareGrid - Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio SquareGrid - Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio SquareGrid - Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio SquareGrid - Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio

SquareGrid - Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio

Notable features

  • Translation ready, included PO file. Dear customers, If you translated the theme any other languages, you should send me that. I will really appreciate for that and it will be help us invaluable.
  • Supports WP 3 menu
  • Dark & Light style
  • Custom background color option on your posts related featured image
  • Gorgeous background patterns + Custom BG image uploader
  • Social sharing option

Video tips

What are Magazine experts talking about the SG ?

Showcase – For some examples of sites created by users

 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------   CHANGE LOG   * - means important changes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- = V3.1 - Aug 07 2014 =         FIX : Opening issue after loaded next set posts by infinite scrolling         FIX : IE browser checking improvement         UPDATE : Replaced static text with SG         FIX : Replaced split with explode  = V3.0 - Feb 17 2014 =         *UPDATED : Added blox_aq_resizer, no more timthumb resize         *UPDATED : Item click event, open method         UPDATED : Auto height on page images         UPDATED : Auto play on jPlayer         UPDATED : Isotope library version         *UPDATED : Nice scroll bug repaired         UPDATED : .large.item css         UPDATED : Filter option         FIXED : Shortcode registering          FIXED : To avoid both jPlayers playing together.  = V2.4 - 02.18.2013 =         FIXED : URL bug related permalink         FIXED : Category bug related permalink         FIXED : Protfolio bug related permalink         UPDATED : Max-width on Responsive logo  = V2.3 - 01.29.2013 =         UPDATED : Image auto height on single         FIXED : Relayout sequence         FIXED : Show of next page items accessing  = V2.2 - 01.09.2013 =         Updated : Child theme compatibility         Updated : Child theme options css         Fixed : Single url/address bug         Fixed : Option panel tab                 Fixed : Audio post css height         Fixed : jQuery issue for Tab shortcode  = V2.1 - 12.14.2012 =         Added : Backup option for Theme Options panel         Updated : WP 3.5 compatibility         Updated : Child theme compatibility         Updated : Admin panel         Fixed : Cheatin UH issue         Fixed : Title link issue  = V2.0 - 11.27.2012 =         Added : Child theme         Fixed : Auto P custom defined removed         Updated : Filtered posts show when loaded next page  = V1.8 - 22.10.2012 =         Added: IE7 compatible added.         Fixed: IE8 media queries fixed.         Fixed: Portfolio template Page display fixed.         Fixed: Scroll to Post function fixed.         Updated: Firefox new version bug repaired.  = V1.7 - 09.12.2012 =         Added : Favicon image/function         Added : Font options          ADDED : get_post_og_image() function         FIXED : Social Share IE fixed         FIXED : PHP version issue on 5.4         UPDATED : Click method on anchor tag   = V1.6 - 08.25.2012 =         FIXED : Cheating UH Solved         FIXED : Share thumb         UPDATED : Fixes of Post Ordering issue         UPDATED : OG meta         UPDATED : Share url repaired         UPDATED : URL style changed without #         UPDATED : Social Integrated old social deleted.  = VERSION 1.5.4 - 07.08.2012 =         UPDATED : Removed logo size restriction         UPDATED : Updated things related child theme issues         FIXED : Fixed random post ordering, added session control  = VERSION 1.5.3 - 25.07.2012 =         ADDED : Post ordering option, requested by umgm and hellowhiteparrot         ADDED : Full width page template, requested by mrhurrah  = VERSION 1.5.2 - 25.07.2012 =         Fixed : Contact page issue         Fixed : Contact form overlay issue         ADDED : No featured image option in open post requested by modo2012         UPDATED : OG meta added, updated  = VERSION 1.5.1 - 14.05.2012 =         Added : Italian translation         Updated : Share url on blog page         Fixed : Extended arguments work of youtube embed   = VERSION 1.5 - 11.05.2012 =         Added : Added shortcodes, tab, accordion, toggle, columns, button and separator         Updated : Old shared URLs providing to work (with -post, -page)         Updated : Priority of featured images. WP featured, TT featured, Video thumb         Updated : Documentation         Fixed : Video post when responsive style         Fixed : 404 issue loading without hash  = VERSION 1.4.4 - 09.05.2012 =         Updated : Removed unnecessary url extends from slug (-post, -page)         Updated : Filter, extended parent category selecting posts of child         Updated : Translation PO file         Updated : 404 notfound page visibility         Fixed : Lost post format meta values when saved by quick edit  = VERSION 1.4.3 - 08.05.2012 =         Updated : Admin panel description         Updated : Documentation         Fixed : Setting large item height         Fixed : Content scroll bug after resized screen         Fixed : Simple page printing on blog portfolio pages         Fixed : NOT found close button changed  = VERSION 1.4.2 - 05.05.2012 =         Updated : Facebook commenting system to work         Updated : Content scroll to Nice sroll         Updated : Theme documentation         Updated : Share URL         Updated : infinity scroll message centered on devices         Updated : Featured image getting sequence (Preffered WP featured then TT featuerd)         Updated : Tag filtering elements from including posts         Updated : Removed contact page default image         Fixed : Shifting main content area related browser scroll bar  = VERSION 1.4.1 - 02.05.2012 =         Added : Infinity scrolling message box         Added : Filter style selection from Tag or Category         Updated : Video thumbnail shows only without any featured image included         Updated : Updated translation PO file         Fixed : Page loading issue after filtering on mobile         Fixed : Infinity scrolling issue without scroll bar  = VERSION 1.4 - 01.05.2012 =         Added : Search form, search result page         Added : infinity scrolling on blog/portfolio page         Added : Popular social shares. Pinterest, digg, linkedin and stumbleupon.         Added : Vimeo video thumb getting method         Updated : Blog and portfolio page template options. Included title hide, pagination number, hide filter         Updated : Menu style, sub menu         Updated : Top link style on iPhone         Updated : Translation PO file         Updated : Dark loader image         Updated : Simple page printing without scrolling on portfolio page too         Fixed : Url issue when linked without slash         Fixed : Some issues of dark style         Fixed : Lightbox link issue         Fixed : Hover color on ie7  = VERSION 1.3 - 26.04.2012 =         Added : Category page         Updated : Commenting section, reply issues         Updated : Simple page printing         Updated : Portfolio page template options         Updated : Not found page         Fixed : iPhone video issues         Fixed : Firefox, Safari video issues         Fixed : Single featured image issue on lightbox         Fixed : Slider bullet issue  = VERSION 1.2 - 24.04.2012 =         Added : Blog/portfolio page templates (requested for Smartphoner & illy)         Added : Ajax commenting section on blog page         Added : Post format icon on item preview (requested for illy)         Added : WP 3 default menu         Added : Social share options (requested for adel)         Added : Youtube video preview image from video (requested for wendellbaker)         Added : Lightbox option (turn on/off) (requested for HotSauce and NurSharina)         Added : Preview opacity option (requested for illy)         Added : New background patterns         Added : Not found (404) page on top         Updated : Swipe issue         Updated : Dark style issues         Updated : Timthumb script         Fixed : Next preview button issue  = VERSION 1.1 - 19.04.2012 =         Added : Dark skin option (requested for RonaldNTan-Photographer)         Added : Filter/sort option (requested for videma)         Updated : Post hover style         Updated : Image slider bullets option/style         Fixed : Some firefox, safari issues 


Isotope : An exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts by David DeSandro / Metafizzy

Clouds audio by AudioQuattro

Images used in the demo site, not part of your download!
Thank you all of you guys, for your amazing works SquareGrid - Fully Responsive Theme For Portfolio
Date: May 27, 2015