Sporty theme – responsive theme for biking, swimming and triathlon

Sporty theme - responsive theme for biking, swimming and triathlon

Overview This theme can be used to build a sport store, either with WooCommerce or Magento or other e-commerce platform. It has all pages you need for a clean and outstanding store. The theme provides 3 stores of swimming, triathlon and cycling products.

Who can use this template? Businesses related to sport can use this theme for your own store. Current design support sports such as biking, swimming and triathlon. Other than that, a landing page is available to introduce about your new technology like body scan page in this template.

Design style Simple, strong, impressive, sporty and professional are features of this template. It is easy to customize and to change colors with available options as neon green, gradient blue-green and navy blue

Layout specifications Using 1170 grid with 12 columns with 70 px column width and 30 px gutter width. 3 default colors with 3 sports correspondingly: triathlon, swimming, cycling The template includes 13 pages: • 1 Homepage • 2 Sign in / sign up • 3 Shopping cart • 4 Check out • 5 Customize product • 6 My account • 7 Blog • 8 Contact us • 9 Product detail • 10 Category page • 11 Schedule • 12 Landing page • 13 Introduction page

All designs are responsive with mobile and tablet Font type: This PSD template using 3 font types for its typography, they are: Montserrat (Light, Regular, Bold), Bau-bold and Font Awesome

Date: January 11, 2017