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Sofa Memento is powerful Blog theme made for all the bloggers who want to run their site quick and simply. It comes with 7 built-in Widgets for a kick-start: Sectional Navigation, Twitter, Flickr, Search, Archives, 125×125px Advertising slots and Tag Cloud. All of them are multi-widgets (can be added more than once in the same sidebar) supposed to be used across 6 widget-ready sidebars. Sofa Memento is WordPress 3.0+ compliant and relies on new features brought by the latest release of WP; Menus, Background, Custom Header and new widget architecture. On top of that, more options are added to Theme settings page in order to extend functionality as much as possible. You can set up this theme in just a few minutes and start blogging immediately.

Features Summary

  • Support for Header, Background and Menus
  • 7 built-in Widgets: Sectional Navigation, Twitter, Flickr, Archives,125×125px Advertising, Custom Tag Cloud and Search
  • Multi-level drop-down navigation
  • jQuery featured content slider
  • 2 custom templates: Contact and Full Width
  • Localization file included
  • Added Theme Options for more control and flexibility


Date: June 11, 2015