Social Wall Addon for UserPro

Social Wall Addon for UserPro

Note: this is an add-on. You must have UserPro to use it.

Yes, UserPro can be a lot more fun!

Introducing Social Wall – A refreshing way to interact with the full community!

With Social Wall, you can add a wall on your site and help all the members interact with each other.

With Social Wall, your users can Social Wall Addon for UserPro Social Wall Addon for UserPro  Share posts with each other
Social Wall Addon for UserPro   Share images
Social Wall Addon for UserPro   Comment on each others’ posts
Social Wall Addon for UserPro   Users can like / dislike a post
Social Wall Addon for UserPro   You can choose to display the wall only to logged in users or to all users
Social Wall Addon for UserPro   Administrators can delete any users post or comment
Social Wall Addon for UserPro   “Load More” button to restrict the number of posts that show up
Social Wall Addon for UserPro  A user can also choose to delete his post or comment.
Social Wall Addon for UserPro  If a user finds a post offensive, he/she can Report a Post
Social Wall Addon for UserPro  Easily handle Reported Posts. Admins can choose to Ignore or Delete Reported Posts via the Dashboard

Take your site to a whole new level with this simple and elegant social wall.

You can test drive this addon by logging in to your account on UserPro’s Demo

Suggestions Welcome

Would be great if you could also join in this discussion here about what features you would like to see in this new social wall addon –

If you have any questions about this, please contact us using the contact form on the profile page


 Version 2.2 (09 July 2015) ============================     - New Feature : Level of publication added. Now admin can choose which roles can post on the wall. No value specified will enable it for all the roles.     - Fixed Bug   : Allow html in social wall post  Version 2.1 (18 Jun 2015) ============================         - New Feature : Added automatic updates         - New Feature : Ability to like/dislike post comments     - Enhancement : Improved css  Version 2.0 (09 Apr 2015) ============================     - New Feature : Added support for emoticons     - New Feature : Now It is possible to add image description     - Enhanced security  Version 1.9 (20 Feb 2015) ============================     - Fixed Bug : XSS cross-scripting further strengthened  Version 1.8 (22 Jan 2015) ============================     - New Feature : Administrators can filter based on post dates and then Bulk Delete all posts and comments submitted during that date range  Version 1.7 (14 Jan 2015) ============================     - Added: Users can now report a post as objectionable. Administrators can then choose to ignore or delete it via the dashboard.  Version 1.6 (8 Jan 2015) ============================       - Added : Setting in backend to enable/disable wall display to visitors  Version 1.5 (31 Dec 2014) ============================       - Added : Look and Feel changes       - Fixed Bug : Like, Dislike buttons layout  Version 1.4 (19 Dec 2014) ============================       - Added : Administrators now have the ability to delete posts and comments by any user       - Added : Ability to Like / Dislike posts       - Fixed : Messages like - “Enter a comment” , “Posted on”, "Commented On" ,“You are not allowed to access this page. Please login to access It.” Made                all translatable       - Fixed Bug : Short PHP Tag       - Fixed Bug :Improved security aspects  Version 1.3 (04 Dec 2014) ============================     - Added : Limit the Number of initial posts that get displayed. "Load More" button to show more     - Added : Spanish Translation     - Added : Responsiveness for mobile devices     - Fixed Bug : Error message on 'Add To Wall' (in some scenarios due to date parameter issue)  Version 1.2 (26 Nov 2014) ============================      - Added LineBreak Support for posts: "ENTER" or "SHIFT+ENTER" for line break     - Fixed Bug : Multiple photo uploader popup instances were displayed     - Fixed Bug : Image size - for images uploaded with posts  Version 1.1 (25 Nov 2014) ============================      - Updated look-and-feel : Thin border for profile images, delete icons, background for comments,comments alignment      - Added Translation Support: All labels and messages are picked up from PO / MO files     - Added Delete Confirmation: Ask for confirmation before deleting a comment or post     - Added LineBreak Support for comments: "ENTER" to submit a comment and "SHIFT+ENTER" for line break  Version 1.0 (19 Nov 2014) ============================      - Initial Version of the Social Wall Addon for UserPro 
Date: June 21, 2015