Social Reach – The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme

Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme

Social Reach – The first crowd-speaking WordPress Theme

Social Reach is the first wordpress theme that lets you create your own crowd-speaking website. If you ever wanted to create your own Thunderclap, now you can with social reach.

Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme

Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme

List of features:

  • Facebook ,Twitter and Tumblr login and campaign support
  • Front-end forms – No more ugly backend for users!
  • 3 different blocks to display the campaigns
  • No external plugins needed!
  • Custom admin panel for easy customization
  • LayerSlider included! (15$)
  • Custom campaigns page with statistics for easy control over the site
  • bbPress ready
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited colours
  • Page builder
  • Amazing documentation with video tutorials
  • Created with Twitter Bootstrap + CSS3 + HTML5
  • Support forum

Need help? Visit our Support Forum

I offer theme support via our support forum. If you have any problems or if you find a bug/error, please post them there. I will NOT be able to answer any questions regarding support in the comments. (

Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme

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Special thanks to: Daniel Zedda and 55Laney69 for the images Social Reach - The Crowd-Speaking WordPress Theme

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Update History

Current version: 2.10


Jun 12th, 2015

 - Added automatic copyright year in footer  /footer.php  - Fixed potential issues with publishing campaigns to social networks on some specific server configurations.  - Updated demo importer with multiple fixes. It should work properly on multi website installations and in all server configurations  /demo  - Fixed an issue where campaigns created by WordPress admin (through WP backend) would display incorrect author avatar/username or not show them at all.  /single-campaigns.php  /functions.php  - Fixed multiple display issues with WooCommerce 2.3+. Theme is no longer compatible with WC prior to 2.3  /css/woocommerce.css  - Fixed an issue where the category highlight would not load when 'WordPress Address' and 'Site Address' URLs in WP settings were different  /footer.php  - Fixed some display quirks in 'Insert/Edit Link' popup in frontend campaign WYSIWIG editor  /css/main.css  - Fixed an issue where the Insert Link popup in frontend campaign editor would appear behind page body  /footer.php  - Fixed follow link in widget  - Fixed date translation on campaign pages  /single-campaigns.php  - Fixed “Who Are You” section, text is now saved properly in the database.   /functions.php  /tmp-campaign.php  - Fixed video meta box in campaigns and posts  /single.php  /index.php  /archive.php  /category.php  /pagebuilder/blocks/news-blog-block.php  /tmp-blog-right.php  /tmp-blog-left.php  /tmp-blog-isotope.php  /tmp-blog-full.php  /tag.php  /search-post.php  /tmp-1right-sidebar.php  /tmp-2left-sidebar.php  /tmp-3full-width.php  - Fixed issue where non premium user could type in create campaign link directly in browser   /tmp-campaign.php  - Fixed issue with 500 users. If user is premium now it will have unlimited number of supporters. If that option is off all users will have unlimited number of supporters.  /js/submitcampaign.js  - Fixed an issue where campaign expiration date pie indicator was not displaying correctly on non-English WP installations  /single-campaigns.php  - Fixes SSL issue. All external resources are loaded through HTTPS (like google fonts) if the website uses SSL.  - Fixed db collation from swedish to utf8  - Fixed long titles issue in news block  /pagebuilder/blocks/news-block.php  - Fix character encoding issues when messages are posted to Facebook.  - Fixed all campaigns get marked as featured ('Featured' tag on all campaigns page and others)  /tmp-all-campaigns.php  - Embed campaigns now display proper color from theme options and campaign data  /embed.php  /functions.php  - Spelling of All Campaigns page dropdown is now fixed  /tmp-all-campaigns.php  - LinkedIn is now updated to work with latest API 2.0  /include/Hybrid/Providers/linkedIn.php  /include/Hybrid/thirdparty/LinkedIn/LinkedIn.php   - Fixed Facebook: Invalid scopes - publish stream errors  /include/Hybrid/Providers/Facebook.php  - Fixed footer heading colors not updating from theme options panel  - Fixed various responsive and css bugs across the theme  - Added RTL support for Arabic language 

October 28th, 2014

 - Update of campaigns fixed - Premium users can't add more than 500 supportes fixed - LayerSlider installation notice not going away fixed 

October 23rd, 2014

 - Search positioning fix 

September 11th, 2014

 - Added pagination to all campaigns page - Layerslider not appearing fix - User menu mobile bug fixed - Added option for facebook review process - Localization file updated - Database optimized 

August 31th, 2014

 - Optimized database calls - Sessions removed - Social users iimplemented as WP users 

August 5th, 2014

 - Added "One Click Install" for demo content 

July 25th, 2014

 - fixed cron stopping on hitting insufficient permissions on api, now it will correctly just skip the problematic entry - enabled changing the owner of the campaign in admin panel - fixed rare occurences of incorrect owner being displayed on campaign page - fixed filename conflict when uploading different campaign images with the same name - set time as required when saving campaign - fixed 'Who are you?' field not saving correctly in 'About you' section of campaign submission - fixed images of linkedin profiles not displaying correctly in "Top supporters" and "Recent supporters" on https websites - fixed adding campaign support on mobile devices for facebook and linkedin - tweaked security function for admin backend access - fixed incorrect saving of date for campaign to publish from admin panel - campaign background is set to tiled by default on all themes submitted by premium users - fixed facebook preview in add support modal displaying incorrect link 

June 30th, 2014

 - Permissions fixed for non-admins - DB collation changed to utf8 general - Delete and edit actions fixed in My Account page - LinkedIn added as a share option in modal windows - Story form in submit campaign page now supports html elements - Cron posting loop fixed 

June 23rd, 2014

 - Linkedin database issue fix - Time progress bar on single campaign page fix - Facebook support problem with api 2 fix - If same user add support with 3 different networks it will show as 3 supporters 

June 12th, 2014

 - Version 2 is out! - CSS fixes - Price tables br fix - Added Premium options - Added LinkedIn login - Fixed page builder blocks  - All campaigns button now linking properly - Facebook API updated top version 2 - User tokens mismatch fix - Updated localization files - Number of friends not showing on successful campaign support message window fix - Twitter 75k users bug fix - My account counters fix - Corrupted facebook profile image fix - Updated instructions file 

April 8th, 2014

 - Fixed CSS that was breaking "create new campaign" page. - Other CSS fixes - Full width single post tempalte added - Ratings removed - Post author is now optional - Blog number of posts is from wp settings - Timestamp added to updates 

April 6th, 2014

 - CSS fixes - Added WooCommerce - Button in the slider ("Start your campaign") now triggers the login to appear. To make it work add class "mod" and "#" as the link. 

Match 26th, 2014

 - Storing sessions fix - Infinite redirection on my campaings page fix 

Match 25th, 2014

 - Fixed 404 on my account when editing campaigns - My account counter now shows proper counter - Now you can publish saved campaigns 

Date: July 23, 2015