Sniper – Premium Photography Theme

Sniper - Premium Photography Theme

Sniper is a Powerful Premium Responsive + Liquid WordPress Theme built for Photographers, Creative Agencies or Portfolio website. All elements of our Theme are liquid so it sucsesfully adapts to any device from Desktop to Mobile. We also took into account that not all users has html/css experience so that knowledge is not necessary.

Awesome photos in the preview – Thomas Hawk

Sniper - Premium Photography Theme

Key features:

  1. 2 Modes – Standart and Ajax
  2. 2 skins – Light and Dark
  3. New & Fresh Design
  4. Unlimited Colors
  5. Responsive + Liquid Design – from mobile to HD devices
  6. Retina Crispness (from iPhone 4 to MacBook Pro Retina ‘12)
  7. WordPress plugins full support (in non-Ajax mode)
  8. Lightbox plugin for images and videos
  9. Contact Form with validation
  10. Unlimited sidebars
  11. Shortcode generator
  12. Standart or Ajax pagination type
  13. SEO optimized
  14. Includes .pot file for translation
  15. All sliced graphic elements in PSD are included
  16. … and much more!

Version changelog:

 [f] - feature added [c] - changed [b] - bug fixed  ----------- 1.3.1 (02.07.2014) -----------  [b] Fixed shortcodes due to WordPress 3.9.1 update  [edited] functions/futures/wysiwyg/shortcode_button.png [edited] functions/futures/wysiwyg/more_button.png [edited] functions/futures/wysiwyg/editor.js [edited] functions/futures/wysiwyg/wysiwyg.js  ----------- v.1.3 -------------  [f] Added option to show menu always [f] Added ability to show all works in the portfolio [c] Improved compatibility with WP 3.6 [b] Fixed lightbox issue (wrong proportions) [b] Fixed portfolio counts [b] Some other minor bugs were fixed  [edited] css/style.css [edited] css/additional-fluid.css [edited] functions/sgpanel/modules/sgp-theme.php [edited] functions/modules/portfolio.php [edited] js/custom.js  ----------- v.1.2.1 -------------  [b] Fixed navigation menu (+new mobile menu) [b] Removed "loading" icon on iframe/object/embed [b] Some minor bugs were fixed  [edited] header.php [edited] css/style.css [edited] css/additional-fluid.css [edited] functions/sgpanel/modules/sgp-theme.php [edited] functions/futures/tpl.php [edited] js/jquery.nicescroll.min.js [edited] js/jquery.scrollTo-min.js [added]  js/jquery.selectBox.min.js [edited] js/custom.js  ----------- v.1.2 -------------  [f] Added ability to select the display of all works in the portfolio categories [f] Added ability to show more then 30 works per page [f] Improved language file [b] Twitter widget was updated due to API v.1.1 [b] Some minor bugs were fixed  [edited] style.css [edited] languages/sniper.pot [added]  includes/twitter/cache [added]  includes/twitter/lib/tmhOAuth.php [added]  includes/twitter/lib/tmhUtilities.php [added]  includes/twitter/lib [added]  includes/twitter/index.php [added]  includes/twitter [edited] archive.php [edited] pg-portfolio.php [edited] functions/widgets/ [edited] functions/widgets/ [edited] functions/widgets/widget.ptagcloud.php [edited] functions/widgets/widget.twitter.php [edited] functions/widgets/widget.pcategories.php [edited] functions/modules/portfolio.php [edited] functions/sgpanel/modules/sgp-general.php [edited] functions/futures/tpl.php [edited] js/jquery.tweet.min.js [edited] js/custom.js [edited] js/tweet/jquery.tweet.min.js  ----------- v.1.1.1 -----------  [b] Fixed bug related to portfolio category names like "name+name"  [b] 30 items per Portfolio page bug was fixed  [edited] style.css [edited] js/custom.js  ----------- 1.1 (12.02.2013) -----------  [f] Ability to add shortcodes in the "Text" widget was added [f] New social icons were added (Behance, Google +) [f] Was added Ajax message for the Contact form [f] Ability to hide "Website" field in the Contact form was added [c] Current menu item position was improved for mobile devices [b] "No spaces in the input fields" bug was fixed [b] Main Slider bug was fixed [b] Several minor bugs were fixed  [edited] pg-contact.php [edited] style.css [edited] css/shortcodes.css [edited] css/style.css [edited] images/content/social/social-icns.png [edited] images/retina/content/social/social-icns.png [edited] languages/sniper.pot [edited] includes/contact-send.php [edited] functions/modules/contact.php [edited] functions/futures/wysiwyg/interface.php [edited] functions/futures/wysiwyg/wysiwyg.js [edited] functions/futures/shortcodes.php [edited] functions/apperance/wphf.php [edited] js/custom.js  
Date: June 4, 2015