SNDWCH Retina Restaurant Template

SNDWCH Retina Restaurant Template

The Details

A premium responsive restaurant template. Customize this anyway you like. This included google maps, a sticky navigation with scrollspy. It also includes menus that have prices and calorie counts. You can add unlimited menus. This template includes a job section with custom treatments and a custom image gallery. This template includes a contact form that can either email you or connect to your Mailchimp account.


Grade A support. This template is documented well. I can help you get started if you need assistance.

Some icons from

- Telephone by Proletkult Graphik from The Noun Project ( – Macaroni Noodle by Andrew Fortnum from The Noun Project ( – House by Samuel Q. Green from The Noun Project ( – Coffee by Jacob Halton from The Noun Project ( – Food by Stephanie Wauters from The Noun Project ( – Sandwich by Tom Glass, Jr. from The Noun Project ( – Heart by Luboš Volkov from The Noun Project ( – Arrow by Simple Icons from The Noun Project (

Bread image was purchased modified, and vectored for use as a sprite in this template.

Date: July 16, 2015