sMapCC – Google maps plugin

sMapCC - Google maps plugin

sMapCC is WordPress Google maps plugin which will insert google map anywhere in your page. It is created for easily pointing location on the map. It can be used for showing map in blogposts (for example to show location of conference), in contact section to show how to reach your business, or for example if you are running real estate site you can show map for every property and route to it. And you can also customize pointer tooltip/info window so you can put price, image and additional short info there.

How to video:

Map can be used in 2 different way:

1. to point location of your item/property on the map with customized info window
2. showing options to user for calculating route to that location (car, walk, bicycle and public transport) from users location or from any other location.

It is using shortcodes and it can be placed almost anywhere in your CMS.

sMapCC - Google maps plugin

Date: July 28, 2015