Silver Bullet Pro

Silver Bullet Pro

Plugin features:

  • saves server resources by blocking spammers and brute-forces in a smart way (Plugin blocks requests via htaccess and WordPress is not being executed on every useless request)
  • saves server resources by blocking not needed crawler robots from indexing your website
  • protects login form from being hacked by changing the URL address of the login page
  • speedup website by not loading not needed functions (It saves about 2% on memory which WordPress consumes on every page load)
  • shows in the admin bar the number of SQL queries during the WordPress execution, the amount of time in seconds to generate the page and memory load

You may try to visit login page and to see how “Silver Bullet Pro” plugin will redirect to another page –

To reset the “Silver Bullet Pro” settings visit (where is your website)

Frequently Asked Questions

= Incompatible with: =

  • Multisite
  • IIS server
Date: March 7, 2016