Shopzone – Responsive Opencart Theme

Shopzone - Responsive Opencart Theme

Shopzone is a fully responsive Opencart theme. If you love colorful designs ShopZone may be the right choice for you. 16 free color themes makes it even more easy to start off. Find the closest match for your requirements and start customizing. It’s easy to install and packed with multiple useful features. And it suits any kind of store.

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It supports the latest two versions of Opencart i.e. v and v We will be working on previous versions as well if needed.

List of features:

  • Supports latest two versions of OpenCart
  • Responsive – Uses popular Bootstrap Framework
  • Choose Max width between 940px and 1170px
  • Supports both “Boxed” and “Wide” layouts
  • Unlimited colors
  • 16 Free Beautiful Color Themes
  • Save multiple custom Color Themes
  • Product Search Autocomplete
  • 150+ Transparent Background patterns and Custom backgrounds
  • All Google webfonts + popular Web Safe Fonts with their subsets
  • Cloud Zoom enabled
  • Facebook like, tweet, pin it + 100s of other options for product sharing
  • RoundAbout Slider/Flex Slider for featured products
  • 2 Different styles for cart i.e. toggle/dropdown
  • Annoying scroll to top notification replaced with simple one
  • Multiple Custom menus with multiple column options (multi-language enabled)
  • Custom text (Rich Text Editor + Multi-language enabled)
  • Twitter feed (Choose number of tweets)
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Highly Customizable
  • 3 Responsive Sliders
  • 30 popular social icons
  • 20 Payment methods
  • Supports multi-languages and multi-currencies
  • 60+ Color Options
  • Supports left/right sidebar
  • Advanced Admin with 100+ options
  • Includes layered PSD
  • Doesn’t replace any core files
  • 3 Live Demos
  • Admin panel Demo (login details: demo/demo)
  • Read Documentation before purchase
  • Well tested – 100% Bug free
  • Free support
  • …& much more to come

What our Customers say

“worked perfect thanks! and I love the new facebook / twitter boxes great theme!” – Stace Nicole

“Great work. So easy to setup and making my life a lot easier. 5 stars” – March

Demo Admin & Online Documentation

You can go through the list of features in the description OR you can start using the actual admin panel and see the available options before purchase. You can even read our Online Documentation which will guide you through the available options. Make sure if it’s what you are looking for before buying. We don’t believe in tricking you into buying our theme. We recommend you to go through our Online Documentation and Admin Demo before you make a purchase.

Admin Demo URL: Admin Demo
Login Details: demo / demo

Shopzone - Responsive Opencart Theme Shopzone - Responsive Opencart Theme Shopzone - Responsive Opencart Theme Shopzone - Responsive Opencart Theme Shopzone - Responsive Opencart Theme

List of Color themes

  • Kids Store
  • Fashion Store
  • Tech Store
  • Sports Store
  • Cosmetics Store
  • Furniture Store
  • Hardware Store
  • Ice cream Store
  • Herbal Store
  • Chocolate Store
  • Holidays
  • Red
  • Violet
  • Lemonade
  • Shades of blue
  • Sea Green
  • Black n White

Change log

06/14/2013: Version 1.1.6

  • Now works with Twitter API v1.1. If you’re updating please copy the folder /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/twitter/. And configure the /twitter/index.php file with your twitter app credentials. You need to create your own app.
  • Fixed returns page bugs

Files to update

/catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/account/return_info.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/account/return_list.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/shopzone_box.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/tweets.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/twitter/

06/06/2013: Version 1.1.5

  • Fixed design issues in different viewports
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Fixed bug when loading themes

Files to update

/admin/view/template/module/shopzone.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/common/header.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/common/footer.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/product/category.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/latest.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/special.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/featured.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/cart.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet-responsive.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/bootstrap-responsive-1200.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/js/custom.js /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/js/jquery.flexslider.js

05/23/2013: Version 1.1.4

fixed some minor bugs

Files to update

/admin/controller/module/shopzone.php /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/account/address_form.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/common/header.tpl

03/21/2013: Version 1.1.3

  • Added Second level menu
  • fixed cloudzoom z-index problem
  • fixed order info bugs

/catalog/controller/module/shopzone.php /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/image/arrow_menu.gif /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/common/header.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/account/order_info.tpl

03/21/2013: Version 1.1.2

  • Fixed custom menu bugs
  • Fixed admin color picker bug
  • Now supports multiple custom menus

/admin/controller/module/shopzone.php /admin/language/english/module/shopzone.php /admin/view/template/module/shopzone.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet-responsive.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/common/header.tpl

03/14/2013: Version 1.1.1

Fixed some bugs

/admin/view/template/module/shopzone.tpl /admin/view/template/module/shopzone_box.tpl /admin/controller/module/shopzone_box.php /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/flexslider.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet-responsive.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/image/glyphicons_020_home.png /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/image/glyphicons_410_facebook.png /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/image/glyphicons_411_twitter.png /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/common/header.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/product/product.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/shopzone_box.tpl

03/14/2013: Version 1.1.0

  • fixed some design issues
  • and added following features:
    • Custom menu
    • Custom Text
    • Twitter Feed
    • Facebook Like Box
    • Admin options

N.B. If you’re updating, please “Save” the “Shopzone Settings” Module just to initialize the new added features and options.

List of updated files:

/admin/controller/module/shopzone_box.php /admin/controller/module/shopzone.php /admin/view/template/module/shopzone_box.tpl /admin/view/template/module/shopzone.tpl /admin/view/stylesheet/shopzone.css /admin/language/english/module/shopzone.php /admin/language/english/module/shopzone_box.php /catalog/controller/module/shopzone_box.php /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/themes/custom/custom.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/camera.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/flexslider.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/account/login.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/common/header.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/cart.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/slideshow.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/special.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/featured.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/carousel.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/latest.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/product/category.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/product/product.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/shopzone_box.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/js/jquery.jtweetsanywhere-1.3.1.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/js/jquery.jtweetsanywhere-1.3.1.min.js /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/image/

03/07/2013: Version 1.0.2

  • Updated admin features
  • Now it doesn’t replace any core files
  • Layered PSDs added

List of updated files:

/admin/controller/module/shopzone.php /admin/view/stylesheet/shopzone.css /admin/view/template/module/shopzone.tpl /catalog/controller/module/shopzone.php /catalog/language/english/module/shopzone.php /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/js/custom.js /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/common/header.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/slideshow.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/product/category.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/product/compare.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/product/product.tpl

03/02/2013: Version 1.0.1

Fixed some minor bugs

List of updated files:

/catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/cart.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/product/category.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet-responsive.css

03/02/2013: Version 1.0.0

Initial Release

Credits and References

All the images are bought for commercial purposes except few mentioned below. NOTE: The images are not included in the package.

Date: July 16, 2015