Scrollcase: Single Page App Showcase, 2D Scrolling

Scrollcase: Single Page App Showcase, 2D Scrolling

Need some scrolling and swiping action?

Scrollcase is an HTML5 ‘one-page’ template which scrolls in 2-dimensions between the sections (jQuery multi-directional scrollTo transitions).

  • Updated 11 September 2013 – fixed Twitter timeline (new Twitter version)
  • v1.2 added 22 August 2012 – fixes a JS mobile menu bug. If you’ve already downloaded and would like the replacement .JS file please contact me.

It has a Flexslider v2 carousel built into the homepage, uses touchTouch for image lightbox enlargements – both are swipe gesture enabled.

It has an overlay slide-out Twitter feed panel (based on the standard Twitter widget panel)

It is responsive i.e. it reflows/simplifies on small viewports e.g. mobiles, and there are two navigation formats dependent on the device.

A key part of this template is that it uses javascript to automatically ‘spread’ the content for the desktop/scrollTo layout – so that on smaller screens the content is presented in a more appropriate format.

It’s also been designed to work well on iPad in both landscape and portrait format – the transitions work nicely on iPad.

It is designed for small site architectures or ‘showcase’ sites.

Date: May 29, 2015