Royal Joomla

Royal Joomla

Royal Joomla is a sleek, fixed-width,1,2 or 3 column, wiki/article site styled joomla 1.5 native template. The beauty of the template comes in its simplicity and accessibility.

The template is useful as a wiki or article/news website as well as a blog or any purpose you see fit.

Features include:

  • 3 color schemes selectable through admin.
  • Mootools content slider
  • Mootools link nudging
  • Collapsible columns and modules.
  • Text sizer (can be turned on an off through admin)
  • Active page link highlighting
  • Easy to modify logo and headings
  • IE PNG fix
  • Clickable logo

The templates positions are as follows:

  • hornav
  • topleft
  • top
  • teaser
  • slider1
  • slider2
  • slider3
  • slider4
  • left
  • right
  • banner1
  • banner2
  • user4
  • user5
  • user6
  • user7

The templates comes with a readme documenting how to install the template, change the logo, featured content title, set up the top horizontal navigation correctly and use the featured content slider.

If you need extra help I am more than happy to assist.

Live Preview Royal Joomla

Date: June 29, 2015