Rover Business & eCommerce WordPress Theme

Rover Business & eCommerce WordPress Theme

Rover is the perfect theme for the business & eCommerce. It’s simple-to-use, customize and install. Has a lot of awesome features: advanced admin panel, responsive design, responsive flexslider, e-commerce support with paypal, unlimited colors, unlimited sidebars, over 250+ google fonts, reorder portfolio items, custom widgets, shortcodes generator, and SEO ready!

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Theme Features

  • Responsive Design: On iPad, iPhone and Android, Enable Or Disable Responsive.
  • E-commerce Support:Shopping Cart and Paypal Payment, Don’t need any e-commerce plugins. When the buyer has purchased the order, it will send email to the buyer and seller.
  • Compatible with All in one SEO pack and Yoast SEO plugins.
  • Friendly for SEO: All headings has been made in order (h1, h2, h3, …, h6) from the most important to less.
  • Unlimited Colors: Simply select the color picker and pick a new color, or insert a hex or rgb number, or upload background image.
  • Unlimited Sidebars: Add sidebars by posttype, Individual Sidebars For Each Page / Post, support shortcode.
  • Advanced Admin Panel: customize just about any part of your site quickly and easily.
  • Portfolio Custom Post Type: support 2/3/4 columns, jquery sortable and classic sortable, Youtube & Vimeo & local Video(Mp4, Ogv, Webm), images, Slideshow Support.
  • Product Custom Post Type: support shopping cart, paypal payment with IPN.
  • Gallery Custom Post Type.
  • Blog Posts: Post Formats With Image, Slideshow, Youtube & Vimeo & local Video(Mp4, Ogv, Webm), Audio, Quote, Link Support.
  • Pages: left sidebar, right sidebar, fullwidth, contact, archives page.
  • Collapsable / Removable Footer Widget Area, column 1/2/3/4 support.
  • Localizable with .po .mo translation files included.(Includes: de_DE, en_US, es_ES, fr_FR, gl_ES, it_IT, ko_KR, lt_LT, nl_NL, pt_BR, ru_RU. )
  • Shortcodes support: Buttons, Icon Box, Tab, Toggle, Accordion, Boxes, Gallery, Map, Column.
  • Widgets support: Popular/Latest/Random Blog Posts, Popular/Latest/Random Projects, Popular/Latest/Random Products, Twitter Feed, Flickr Feed, Custom Comments, socia medias.
  • Responsive Flexslider.
  • Over 250+ google fonts.
  • Reorder portfolio items support.
  • Local HTML5 Video/Audio Support.
  • Custom Logo by image uploader.
  • Shortcodes generator.
  • Custom Homepage support.
  • Custom css support by admin panel.
  • Theme theme update notifier support. (Default is disabled.)
  • Easy Install with a Step by Step Guide.
  • AJAX /PHP contact form.
  • Fancybox Support. (jQuery Lightbox clone)
  • Html5 & CSS3.
  • Google Analytics & Google Maps.
  • Crossbrowser compatible.
  • And More…

Latest Version Alert: Version 2.5 (Dec 30, 2014)

 Updated the revslider to version: 4.6.5 --style.css --functions.php --functions/themes.php --functions/theme-font.php --functions/settings/theme-fonts.php --functions/php/header.php --functions/php/extend-css.php --functions/plugins/  Updated the revslider to version: 4.3.8 Fixed the shortcode button on wp3.9  edited: --style.css --functions.php --functions/php/header.php --functions/shortcodes/tinymce/tinymce.class.php --functions/shortcodes/tinymce/plugin.js --functions/shortcodes/tinymce/js/popup.js --functions/shortcodes/tinymce/css/popup.css  added: --functions/shortcodes/tinymce/plugin.old.js --functions/shortcodes/tinymce/js/popup.old.js  v2.2 – Mar 09, 2014 -Updated the revslider to version: 3.0.5  edited: style.css functions.php functions/themes.php functions/plugins/  v2.1 – Aug 03, 2013 - Updated theme to compatible with wordpress 3.6. - Updated the revslider to version: 3.0.5.  Files: edited:style.css edited:functions.php edited:functions/php/header.php edited:functions/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php edited:functions/plugins/  v2.0 – Jun 13, 2013 - Updated twitter api to v1.1.  Files: edited:style.css edited:functions.php edited:functions/theme-config.php edited:functions/themes.php edited:functions/theme-helper.php edited:functions/settings/theme-settings.php edited:functions/plugins/tweets.php edited:functions/widgets/widget-tweets.php added:functions/plugins/twitteroauth.php  v1.9 – Apr 01, 2013 - Fixed the words form shopping to shipping. - Improved the mobileMenu js issue.  Files: edited: style.css edited: functions.php edited: php/extend-css.php edited: assets/css/layout.css edited: assets/js/template.js edited: functions/shop/cart.php edited: functions/shop/orders/order-data.php  v1.8 – Dec 17, 2012 - Fixed the page header line issue. - Fixed the video shortcode issue. - Toggle don't work with image on Chrome. - Improved flickr widget. - Improved twitter widget. - Update the revslider plugin.  Files: edited: style.css edited: assets/css/widget.css edited: functions.php edited: php/extend-css.php edited: functions/shortcodes/shortcode-functions.php edited: functions/plugins/flickr.php edited: functions/plugins/tweets.php edited: functions/widget/widget-flickr.php edited: functions/widget/widget-tweets.php  v1.7 – Nov 19, 2012  - Improved the twitter and flickr widgets. - Improved the script of loading way. - Fixed the content text link color issue. - Added video shortcode. - Added the Revolution Slider.  Files: edited: header.php edited: php/header.php edited: php/footer.php edited: style.css edited: functions.php edited: functions/plugins/flickr.php edited: functions/plugins/tweets.php edited: functions/widgets/widget-flickr.php edited: functions/widgets/widget-tweets.php edited: functions/shortcodes/shortcode-functions.php edited: functions/shortcodes/tinymce/config.php edited: functions/shortcodes/tinymce/plugin.js edited: functions/themes.php edited: functions/settings/theme-settings.php edited: functions/theme-config.php edited: template-home.php added: functions/plugins/  v1.6 – Oct 22, 2012  - Added blog slide list shortcode. - Added go to top button. - Added page header space options. - Added go back to the portfolio. - Fixed a html issue. - Fixed the twitter API's issue. - Improved contact form to disable spam. - Improved paypal ipn.  Files: edited: modules/portfolio.php edited: functions/theme-install.php edited: functions/plugins/tweets.php edited: functions/plugins/contact.php edited: functions/shop/ipn.php edited: functions/shortcodes/tinymce/config.php edited: functions/shortcodes/tinymce/plugin.js edited: functions/settings/theme-settings.php edited: assets/css/responsive.css edited: assets/js/template.js edited: php/extend-css.php edited: php/page-header.php edited: footer.php edited: style.css edited: functions.php edited: template-contact.php  added: modules/blog-slide.php added: assets/images/top-link.png added: assets/images/top-hover.png added: assets/images/go-back-to-lists.png  v1.5 – Sep 18, 2012 - Made the "launch project" to open in new windows. - Added the sortable menu in css. - Added description to the fullwidth slideshow item.  Files: edited: single-portfolio.php edited: php/extend-css.php edited: modules/slideshow.php edited: functions/metaboxes/metabox-slideshow-full.php edited: assets/css/flexslider.css  v1.4 – Sep 16, 2012 - Fixed a small responsive issue. - Improved the main menu. - Added nofollow to portfolio client url. - Added the rss icon to footer social medias. - Added recaptcha option for the contact form. - Added an option for google map.  Files: edited: style.css edited: assets/css/responsive.css edited: assets/css/shortcode.css edited: assets/js/template.js edited: php/extend-css.php edited: php/header.php edited: php/footer.php edited: single-portfolio.php edited: template-contact.php edited: functions/theme-config.php edited: functions/theme.php edited: functions/settings/theme-settings.php edited: functions/plugins/contact.php edited: assets/images/footer-medias-icons.png edited: functions/shortcodes/tinymce/plugin.js edited: functions/shortcodes/tinymce/config.php edited: functions/shortcodes/tinymce/css/popup.css edited: functions/shortcodes/shortcode-functions.php added: functions/plugins/recaptchalib.php  v1.3 – Sep 13, 2012 - Improved the custom css. - Added the logo margin top option. - Added the slideshow color, background options. - Added the page header color, background options.  Files: edited: functions/settings/theme-settings.php edited: functions/settings/theme-colors.php edited: functions/theme-config.php edited: functions/assets/js/jquery-upload.js edited: functions/assets/js/template.js edited: php/extend-css.php  v1.2 – Sep 12, 2012 - Fixed the menu issue on responsive design.  Files: edited assets/js/jquery-ddsmoothmenu.js edited assets/css/responsive.css edited style.css  v1.1 – Sep 11, 2012 - Update the menu jquery. - Fixed the menu issue.  Files: edited style.css edited assets/js/template.js edited php/header.php edited php/extend-css.php added assets/js/jquery-ddsmoothmenu.js  v1.0 – Sep 10, 2012 - Initial Release 
Date: June 15, 2015