Rexy – Premium Admin Dashboard

Rexy - Premium Admin Dashboard

Rexy is a premium admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap. There are a huge of powerful components build with Less css which makes it easy to modify.

Features List

Responsive layout (Desktops, Tablets and mobile devices) Built with Bootstrap 3x Flat UI with Clean Style HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap Like Data API Implemented in Modular LESS Files (compiled CSS included) Extend Utilities Class Angular UI Support Grunt Tasks and Gulp tasks Bower Dependency Management Developer Friendly Code Code optimize with tools (htmlhint, jshint, lesshint, csslint, bootlint)

Full List

1000+ UI Component 100+ Widgets Foldable Navigation with Infinite Levels Horizontal Mega Menu Multiple Layout Quick Chat Panel Touchable Slide Panel Style of Site Guide Loading Style (animsition.js) Useful Forms Plugins Support Form Vaidate jQuery Wizard jQuery Formatter Image cropping jQuery Fileupload Select2 Bootstrap Select Bootstrap Tokenfield Bootstrap Tags Input multiselect.js typehead Boostrap Maxlength iCheck switchery clockpicker jQuery timepicker bootstrap-datepicker datepair.js jquery knob jquery strength card labelauty xeditable Dropify summernote markdown editor ace editor Chartist.js C3 Chartks Morris Flot Sparkline Rickshaw Peity Gauges Pie Progress 7 Table Plugin Bootstrap Table Tablesaw DataTables editableTableWidget floatThead jsGrid FooTable Pages Error pages Register Login Lockscreen Maintenance Forgot Password FAQ Email Google Map Vector Map Invoice People Profile Search Result User List Code Editor Gallery Sitemap Calendar App Contacts App Mailbox App Taskboard App Media App Documents App Forum App Projects App Notebook app Messages app Work app Location app

Date: July 4, 2016