Recipe – WP Theme For Recipes

Recipe - WP Theme For Recipes

Recipe is most complete solution for recipe management. It has all the features which are a must in order to provide good experience for the members who submit recipes as well as for the ones who read them. With its modern an unique design it really stands among other recipe sites.

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Recipe - WP Theme For Recipes

Recipe - WP Theme For Recipes

Recipe - WP Theme For Recipes


Here is the quick overview of the recipe theme options

Recipe Features

  • Recipe ratings
  • Recipe ingredients with the checkboxes
  • Recipe steps with the checkboxes and rich text editor
  • Recipe description
  • Recipe video
  • Recipe featured image
  • Recipe gallery images
  • Recipe details meta data
  • Recipe nutritions
  • Recipe categories
  • Recipe custom made icons (200 font icons)
  • Recipe cuisines
  • Recipe print
  • Recipe featured
  • Recipe likes system
  • Recipe views system
  • All this is managable from the user profile page
  • More…

Member Features

  • Member recipe submit
  • Recipe review of the submitted and updated recipe
  • Advanced recipe email notifications
  • Advanced recipe listing on the profile page as well as on the preview page with real time search and order
  • Member levels (based on number of recipes)
  • Member registration
  • Member social registration
  • Member registration captcha
  • Member password recovery
  • Member rich text editor for memeber description
  • Member profile page with recipe management system
  • More…

Search Features

  • Advanced search
  • Search by category
  • Search by cuisine
  • Search by ingredients
  • Search by custom value
  • Advanced order by:
    • Ratings (top rated first)
    • Ratings (top rated last)
    • Date (newest first)
    • Date (newest last)
    • Title (descending)
    • Title (ascending)
    • Likes (most liked first)
    • Likes (most liked last)
    • Views (most viewed first)
    • Views (most viewed last)
    • Favoeurites (most favourited first)
    • Favourites (most favourited last)

Blog Features

  • Supports 8 post formats with different variations so actually you get much more than that:
    • Standard post format with or without image or with embedded content.
    • Gallery post format with images arranged in slider
    • Audio post format with or without background image, self hosted audio or audio embedded from Sound Cloud, Mix Cloud or any other
    • Video post format with self hosted video or embedded video from YouTube, Vimeo, Screenr, Dailymotion, or other
    • Status post format
    • Quote post format
    • Link post format
    • Image post format
  • Posts social share
  • Ready for multiple authors
  • More…

Page Features

  • Page templates:
    • Page full width
    • Page with right sidebar
    • Page with left sidebar
    • 404 page
    • Forgot password
    • Home page
    • Login & Register
    • Member listings
    • Forgot password
    • My account
    • Page contact
    • Search page


  • Custom recent posts
  • Custom recent comments
  • Top authors
  • Social links
  • Subscribe
  • Shortcode text
  • Recipes with the ability to create:
    • Top rated recipes
    • Latest recipes
    • Recipes ordered by title
    • Most favourite recipes
    • Most liked recipes
    • Most viewed recipes
  • Top users
  • Recipe categories list


  • Accordion
  • Alert
  • Button
  • Recipe category list
  • Columns
  • Rows
  • Gallery
  • Gap
  • Icon
  • Iframe
  • Label
  • Latest blogs
  • Progress bar
  • Latest recipes
  • Top rated recipes
  • Most favourited recipes
  • Most liked recipes
  • Most viewed recipes
  • Tabs
  • Toggle
  • Top users

More Features

  • Google rich Snippet (show image, rating, description, excerpt on google listing)
  • Rating system
  • Review system
  • AJAX (no page relaod) forms to speed things up
  • Unlimited colors
  • MailChimp
  • Redux options
  • Custom made slider
  • Organized administration
  • Demo content included
  • Awesome support
  • Translation ready
  • Custom made slider
  • Menu icons
  • Social share
  • User avatars
  • Social login
  • Child theme ready
  • And many more cool features to explore…


Version 2.3

  • Fixed pagination bug
  • Added option to select user to be able to log in to backend
  • Fixed bug with the text domain on couple of words

Version 2.2

  • Improved speed a little bit.
  • Fixed sorting on search page.
  • Fixed Categories List shortcode to show only selected.
  • Updated child theme.
  • Updated wp-avatars plugin.

Version 2.1

  • Fixed bug with iverwritting shortcode files from child theme.

Version 2.0

  • Fixed bug with displaying alt on images.

Version 1.9

  • Fixed bug with search by ingredients.
  • Improved performance (regenerate thumbnails).

Version 1.8

  • Improved icon selector.
  • Added child theme.
  • Updated documentation

Version 1.7

  • Added display of multiple categories.
  • Fixed bug with spelling.
  • Improved theme optimization.( Do thumbnail regeneration )

Version 1.6

  • Fixed bug with installing plugins.

Version 1.5

  • Fixed bug with search on sticky menu.

Version 1.4

  • Fixed bug with the image upload on the frontend.

Version 1.3

  • Added option to stop sending mail to user uppon changes in the recipes.
  • Fixed bug with listing all members when they are not rated.
  • Some more minor bug fixes

Version 1.2

  • Fixed bug with link confirmation.
  • Fixed bug with select box with user activation status.

Version 1.1

  • Fixed bug with sending mail on registration.
  • Fixed bug with user roles on social connect (update social connect plugin from the theme).
Date: July 26, 2015