Real Homes – WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real Homes is a premium WordPress theme for real estate websites. It has nice & clean design and it comes loaded with tons of useful features like Advanced Search, Google Map with property location markers, simple & grid listing, user login & register, front end property submit & edit, payment integration with PayPal, Visual Composer Plugin, dsIDXpress IDX Plugin support, WPML plugin support, custom widgets, various templates, easy theme options, easy to use meta-boxes, Google reCAPTCHA support and lot more…

Demo User Access Information

Username = demo
Password = demo

Version 2.1 is available for download. Updated on 17th June 2015

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Responsive Layout

Real Homes theme is built in twitter bootstrap and it provides responsive layout with full width slider. So, it looks awesome on big screens as well as on tablets and smartphones.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Visual Composer Included

Real Homes theme now includes visual composer page builder plugin as part of the theme package. So, now you can build custom layout pages quickly & easily.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Revolution Slider Included

Real Homes Theme provides revolution slider as part of the theme package, that gives you freedom to build the homepage slider the way you want. You can also add the revolution slider on other pages.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

WPML Compatible

Real Homes Theme is translation ready and additionaly supports WPML plugin. So, You can build your website in single or multiple languages. RTL languages are also supported.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Advanced Property Search

Real Homes theme includes advanced property search with more search fields and search fields can be managed from theme options.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Easy Theme Options

Real Homes theme provides very easy and comprehensive set of theme options that will help you configure and modify the things around your website more easily.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Easy to Use Meta Boxes

Real Homes theme includes easy to use meta boxes, To make it easy for you to add and modify information and media to your properties.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Simple and Grid Listing Layouts

Real Homes theme provides page templates and configuration options to list your properties in simple or grid style layouts.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

User Login & Registration

You can provide login and registration feautres on your site to let users access member only features.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Front-end Property Submit

Logged in user can submit properties using front end property submit form and you can publish those properties after review OR you can configure the settings to auto publish a property as soon as the user pays.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Submitted Properties Listing

Logged in user can view the list of his submitted properties and if required modify the information of a property.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

PayPal Payment Integration

A user can pay through paypal to get his submitted property published. Payment feature can be configured or disabled from theme options.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

dsIDXpress Compatible

Real Homes is compatible with dsIDXpress plugin and you can provide dsIDXpress listings on your site. You can also use dsIDXpress search widget in place of default search form on homepage.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Multiple Gallery layouts

Real Homes provides multiple templates to list your properties in the form of gallery. Each template contains a quick filter based on property statuses.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Google reCAPTCHA

Real Homes provides Google reCAPTCHA API integration to prevent spams.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Favorites Listings

A user can add a property to his favorties so that he can visit the favorites properties page later on and find his short listed properties.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Custom Widgets

Real Homes theme provides follwoing custom widgets. Advance property search widget, Feature properties widget, Featured properties related to a particular agent and property types widget.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Similar Properties

Real Homes theme provides a similar properties module on property detail page which displays properties similar to current property.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Sub Properties

Real Homes theme provides a sub properties module on property detail page to display any sub/child properties like apartments in a building. Each child property works as a full property independently.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Child Theme Included

Real Homes theme’s main package contains a ready to use child theme to make it easy for you to get started with modifications and keep updating the parent theme whenever the new update becomes available.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Demo Contents Included

Real Homes theme’s main package contains demo contents XML to help you quickly setup your site like the theme demo and learn all the things by observing how those are done in demo site.

Comprehansive Documentation

Real Homes theme includes an easy to understand but detailed documentation. It will guide you at almost every step, Either it is a configuration OR adding some sort of contents OR installing a compatible plugin.

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Pre Purchase FAQs

Is it possible for the search form to have multiple location boxes like “State > City > Area” ?

You can choose to display up to four locations boxes in search form.
You can choose 1, If you want to display all locations into one select box.
You can choose 2, If you want to display locations like State > City OR City > Area.
You can choose 3, If you want to display locations like Country > State > City OR State > City > Area.
You can choose 4, If you want to display locations like Country > State > City > Area.

What Buyers are Saying

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Key Features

  • Nice & Clean Design
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Includes Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin
  • Includes Revolution Slider Plugin
  • Full Localization Support – Contains .po and .mo files
  • WPML Plugin Support – including the RTL languages support
  • Easy and Extensive Theme Options – For more information please view screen shots
  • Easy to Use Meta Boxes – To add and modify real estate property related information
  • dsIDXpress IDX Plugin Support – with support to add dsIDXpress search widget on homepage
  • Google reCAPTCHA Support – For contact page form and agent’s contact form
  • Advance Search Form – Any search field can be enabled or disabled from theme options.
  • Users can Register, Login and Recover Password
    1. Edit Profile – User can modify his profile information and upload his profile image using front end profile page.
    2. View Favorites Properties – User can add/remove a property to favorites and view his favorites properties.
    3. Front end Property Submit – User can submit property from front end.
    4. List Submitted Properties – User can view list of properties that he has submitted.
    5. Edit Submitted Property – User can modify any of his submitted property.
    6. PayPal Payment for Submitted Property – User can pay for his submitted property using PayPal and if enabled from theme options that property will be published automatically on successful payment.
    7. Administrator can View List of Payments – To take any further action after successful payment.
  • Home Page Features
    1. Full Width Slider – ( could be based on properties OR custom contents )
    2. Revolution Slider can be used instead of default slider
    3. Google Map – ( Can be Added in Place of Slider from Theme Options )
    4. Advance Search Form
    5. Slogan Area
    6. Recent Properties
    7. Featured Properties
    8. News/Blogs Posts
    9. Partners
    10. You can hide/show any homepage component
    11. Homepage includes contents support and you can add visual composer page builder contents in it to design the homepage the way you want.
  • Property Details Page Features
    1. Property Images Gallery/Slider ( 2 Variations Available )
    2. Property Content Area
    3. Property Features Section
    4. Property Tour Video Section
    5. Property Location on Map
    6. Property Social Share Options
    7. Property Attachments
    8. List of sub properties if any
    9. Property Agent Information and Ajax Based Contact Form ( 2 Variations Available)
    10. Similar Properties Section
  • Property Search Results Template – to display advanced search results with sorting features ( it also supports Google Map to show resulted properties)
  • Listing Templates – with simple listing and grid listing layouts and sorting controls
  • Gallery Templates – with 2 Columns, 3 Columns and 4 Columns layouts
  • Agents Template – to display list of all agents
  • Users Template – to display list of all users
  • Agent Detail Page – to display detailed information about agent and related properties listing.
  • User/Author Detail Page – to display detailed information about user and related properties listing.
  • Contact Template – with Ajax based contact form, Google reCAPTCHA, Google map and other contact information.
  • Full width page Template
  • Featured Properties Custom Widget
  • Advance Search Custom Widget
  • Property Types Custom Widget—Now supports parent and child property types
  • 2 Widgets for Agent Based Properties
  • Properties Short Code – To display properties based on any type, location, status, feature or certain property like bed, bath, area, price etc.
  • Various other Short Codes
  • Background Customization Support
  • Many Color Customization Options
  • Child Theme Included
  • Once Click Demo Content Importer Included
  • Sample content XML file also included if you need to manually import demo contents
  • Detailed Documentation Included

Theme Support

Thanks for purchasing Real Homes Theme. We truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is provided through our support site.

Visit our Support Site | How to get ?Item Purchase Code?

Change Log

Version 2.1 – Updated on 17 June 2015

  • Updated pretty photos script
  • Improved additional details backend code
  • Fixed slider size bug on property detail page when visual composer is active
  • Excluded property from google map if their address field is empty
  • Improved javascript related to gallery pages
  • Added password protection support for property detail page
  • Improved parters meta box
  • Improved slider post type meta box
  • Improved ajax pagination for homepage
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin

Version 2.0 – Updated on 03 May 2015

  • Added FAQs Support
  • Added Testimonials Support
  • Fixed dsIDXpress styles issues
  • Properties can be filtered on admin side based on property type, city and status
  • Removed address column from properties list on admin side to give some space to other important columns
  • Updated TGM plugin activation class and improved security related code
  • Updated Visual Composer and Revolution Slider Plugins with in the package.
  • Updated Documentation

Version 1.9 – Updated on 7th April 2015

  • Added [properties] short code to display properties on any page and also integrated it with Visual Composer. This short code will let you display properties based on almost any type of filter you want, Fo example: types, statuses, location, features, min beds, max beds, min baths, max baths, min area, max area, min price, max price, featured etc. It will also let you sort the properties by price or date and display them in grid or list layout. Please consult documentation for more information.
  • Added mortgage calculator widget support.
  • Added all users listing template, like the agents listing template is for agents.
  • Added theme options to display a common note on every property detail page. This can be used for contents like terms or policies.
  • Added theme option to specify default sorting.
  • Added one click demo contents importer.
  • Added ajax based pagination on homepage and related theme option to enable/disable it.
  • Added sticky header support.
  • Added scroll to top button.
  • Replaced png icons with newly designed svg icons for property meta, agent info, contact details and header.
  • Improved google map to display markers with retina ready icons.
  • Improved admin side meta boxes on property edit page to display them in well organized tabbs.
  • Improved Print styles
  • Improved RTL styles
  • Improved gallery templates related JavaScript and CSS code.
  • Improved styles for mobile devices.
  • Improved front end and back end scripts for all the forms across the theme.
  • Improved dsIDXpress related styles.
  • Improved user navigation styles.
  • Improved property detail page gallery slider styles.
  • Improved add to favorites code.
  • Updated image placeholder for profile edit page.
  • Fixed additional details title bug.
  • Fixed property ID search bug on admin side while using WPML plugin.
  • Fixed double image issue in property detail page’s light box gallery.
  • Fixed additional details empty fields bug.
  • Added currency switcher support. Now you can provide currency switching option to your visitors in almost any currency you want. Updated Note: We recently learned from our experience that this feature is not stable yet and I would not recommend you to use it for now. Actually, it’s related API produce inconsistencies with currency conversion data while updating currency exchange rates. So, We are working on making it stable in future updates.

Version 1.8 – Updated on 7th Feb 2015

  • Added – Support for multiple location boxes on search form, these location boxes will be fully integrated with each other and can dynamically handle any number of levels in locations hierarchy.
  • Added – Support of features search
  • Added – Support of keyword search
  • Added – Google map marker clusters support to handle large number of markers
  • Added – Additional search template with left sidebar support
  • Added – Support to upload multiple images with drag and drop on property submit page
  • Added – Support to re-position images with drag and drop on property submit page
  • Added – New easy to use interface with drag and drop support to add additional details on admin property edit page
  • Added – Additional details support on property submit template
  • Added – Theme options to provide default values for address and location fields on property submit page.
  • Added – Theme options to provide default status of a submitted property
  • Added – Front end profile edit page with image upload and change password support
  • Added – User public profile page similar to agent detail page. ( this will support the freedom of using default WordPress users as agents )
  • Improved – RTL styles
  • Improved – Google map markers info window
  • Improved – Widgets related code ( You need to re-assign your widgets after this update, Sorry for inconvenience )
  • Improved – Translation loading code ( You need to move your translation files to languages directory with in realhomes theme directory, Sorry again for this inconvenience )
  • Improved – Title tag support in header as per WordPress 4.1 specifications
  • Improved – Pretty Photos lightbox script
  • Improved – Property submit template
  • Improved – Child theme
  • Improved – Child theme’s styles enqueue
  • Improved – Child theme support
  • Improved – Analytics script inclusion in header
  • Improved – Google map address and location fields on property submit template
  • Improved – Dashboard icons for various custom post types
  • Fixed – Sort by issue when listing page is used as homepage

Version 1.7 – Updated on 25th December 2014

  • Added – Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin as part of the theme package
  • Added – Parent child support in property types widget
  • Added – A meta box to show or hide page title
  • Improved – Theme options related to property and search
  • Improved – Contact, Agent and Submit Property Form’s emailing script
  • Fixed – Footer widgets floating for tablets

Version 1.6.6 – Updated on 10th December 2014

  • Added – WPML setup guide in documentation
  • Added – Theme Option to handle no price text and modified price related code throughout the theme to improve the overall logic.
  • Added – Place holder image support in case of missing property featured image.
  • Added – Filter to display only required properties on Google Map for Homepage.
  • Added – Theme Option to show or hide properties on Homepage.
  • Added – Video Wrapper short code, to help users embed videos in contents in a responsive way.
  • Improved – Border related styles for homepage.
  • Fixed – Messages short code bug, message short codes were not working on homepage content area.
  • Fixed – Fax number icon bug on contact page
  • Fixed – Agent’s Featured Properties Widget Error
  • Removed – Redirection to Theme Options on theme activation, To help user install the required plugin first.
  • Removed – Some extra title attributes from anchor tags

Version 1.6.5 – Updated on 11th November 2014

  • Added excerpt support for properties to add hand crafted overview text
  • Added a check to skip the property ID search script for admin side if WPML is active
  • Added a textarea to record a private note for a property on property edit page. It will help agent/admin to keep some private notes about a property.
  • Removed Meta Box plugin library from with in the theme and added it as a required plugin using TGM plugin activation class. This will help users keep it updated without updating the files with in the theme.
  • Fixed agent description bug, that appeared in recent updates
  • Made few small fixes to remove couple of PHP notices and improved a bit of code.

Version 1.6.4 – Updated on 4th November 2014

  • SSLv3 is no longer supported by PayPal. So I have updated the IPN listener script to work with PayPal.

Version 1.6.3 – Updated on 31st October 2014

  • WPML Related – Fixed agents list in select box on admin side property edit page and made it language specific.
  • WPML Related – Improved WPML Configuration XML and included some missing custom fields that are added in previous updates.
  • New Feature – Added property status classes support in figcatpion element above property listing image. This will help you change the property status background color based on property status class.
  • Performance Related – Improved Google Map API inclusion, Now it will be included only on needed pages and only when Google map is enabled for those pages.
  • Fixed – Property with agent in sidebar variation now also supports widgets in sidebar, but the search widget was kind of duplicated in it and that is removed now.

Version 1.6.2 – Updated on 28th October 2014

  • Fixed WPML issue related to agent translation
  • Added Option to Enable/Disable Add to Favorites button
  • Improved Google Map Marker code
  • Improved Image and Standard Post Formats code
  • Improved gallery code
  • Improved property single variation code
  • Improved sorting controls code

Version 1.6.1 – Updated on 10th September 2014

  • Did some CSS and JavaScript bug fixes
  • Added max zoom to Google map with markers
  • Enabled property custom post type archives
  • Improved WPML XML configuration file
  • Added user cookie hidden input field in modal login form.

Version 1.6 – Updated on 08 July 2014

  • Added News/Blog Posts Module for Homepage
  • Added dsIDXpress search widget support for homepage
  • Added a widget to display random, recent or featured properties based on selected agent
  • Added a widget to display random or recent featured properties for current agent on agent detail page
  • Added modal dialog for Login, Register and Forgot Password functionality
  • Added “Add to Favorites” Support with related template and top menu item.
  • Added file attachments support for property
  • Added Property ID column with search support on admin side properties index page
  • Added fax number support for contact details on contact page.
  • Added Open Graph Meta tags support for property detail page
  • Added enable/disable options for banner title and subtitle.
  • Updated Font Awesome Files
  • Re-factored some code functions
  • Made some style fixes

Version 1.5.1 – Updated on 16 June 2014

  • Fixed an additional border issue in css/main.css

Version 1.5 – Updated on 15 June 2014

  • Added property detail page variation in which agent information, contact form and search form are displayed in sidebar
  • Added property detail page gallery slider variation in which thumbnails are displayed on bottom
  • Added sort by price and date in listings and search templates
  • Made major modification in Google re-captcha design to make it look part of the theme
  • Added support to display featured properties exclusively on homepage
  • Added Property ID Field in Submit Property Template
  • Added Video URL Field in Submit Property Template
  • Added checkbox to mark a property as featured in submit property template.
  • Added theme option to choose number of agents to display on agents listing page
  • Added support to display multiple statuses
  • Added theme option to disable footer image
  • Improved spacing in Google map info window
  • Added separate theme options to hide map and underneath sharing buttons on property detail page
  • Added multi-site registration support in login & registration template

Version 1.4 – Updated on 05 June 2014

  • Added lots of new options to modify theme styles
  • Added support to change advanced search form Min and Max prices based on rent
  • Added support of child properties. Now a property can have sub/child properties
  • Added support of sub property types. Now a property type can have sub property types
  • Added theme option to modify number of properties on search results page
  • Added theme option to exclude featured properties from recent properties on homepage
  • Added 4 new map icons for apartment, apartment building, office and shop
  • dsIDXpress plugin styles fixes. After the dsIDXpress plugin update
  • Fixed auto draft properties listing on my properties page
  • Modified property ID search from exact to flexible
  • Added slider images pre-loader
  • Fixed the Re-CAPTCHA URL in theme options
  • Made few other minor fixes in styles and JavaScript

Version 1.3.3 – Updated on 18 March 2014

  • Added RTL languages Support
  • Added Revolution Slider Plugin Support
  • Added Property Additional Details Support
  • Agent assignment options on property submit page
  • Footer image change option in “Theme Options > Footer”
  • Number of slides control for property slider in “Theme Options > Home”
  • Social share enable/disable in “Theme Options > Property”
  • Contact Form 7 Styles Support
  • Single agent query fix ( changed like to = )
  • Various CSS Fixes
  • Reviewer comment field on property submit page
  • Re-organization of home page related theme options

Version 1.3.2 – Updated on 22 February 2014

  • Added dsIDXpress pro version styles
  • Added sub-locations support in property submit & edit page
  • Fixed a search bug ( related to properties with no price )
  • Fixed couple of typos in theme options description text.

Version 1.3.1 – Updated on 20 February 2014

  • Added – Sub locations support
  • Added – Banner image upload support for each property
  • Added – Support to get a copy of agent’s message on a given email address
  • Added – Support to receive a message on property submit
  • Added – Check-boxes support to assign property city, property type, property status and property features to a property on admin side.
  • Fixed – Featured properties widget’s post count fix on taxonomy archive pages
  • Fixed – default text appearance bug in text and textarea fields of theme options
  • Fixed – submit property agent auto assign bug and improved related select box on property add page on admin side.

Version 1.3 – Updated on 30 January 2014

  • Added – Users Login, Registration and Password Recovery Features
  • Added – Submit Property Page Template
  • Added – My Properties Page Template for submitted properties listing
  • Added – Ability to Edit Submitted Property
  • Added – PayPal Payments Integration for Submitted Properties
  • Added – Admin side page to view payments transactions list.
  • Added – Property ID Field Support in Search and Meta Box
  • Added – Added Area/Size Postfix Field
  • Added – More fields in search form
  • Added – Theme options to disable/enable any search field
  • Added – Theme Options to Sort & Filter Home Page Properties
  • Added – Similar Properties Section for Property Detail Page.
  • Added – Theme Options to Disable/Enable Various Sections of Property Detail Page
  • Added – Theme Options to Disable/Enable Responsive Styles
  • Improved – Print Styles for Property Detail Page
  • Improved – Quick CSS Precedence
  • Improved – Taxonomy Archive Pagination Fix
  • Improved – Meta Box Related Code
  • Improved – Various minor fixes across the theme.

Version 1.2.1 – Updated on 14 December 2013

  • Fixed – Theme Options compatibility issues with WordPress 3.8
  • Fixed – Google Map Bug in Internet Explorer 8

Version 1.2 – Updated on 12 December 2013

  • Added – Support of Additional Slider using Custom Post Type
  • Added – Support of WPML Plugin
  • Added – Support of Google Map with Properties Markers
  • Added – Support of Google reCAPTCHA
  • Added – More social icons in top social nav.
  • Added – Support of Google reCAPTCHA
  • Added – “Know More” button with agent information.
  • Added – Support of grid layout for custom taxonomies
  • Added – Image banner support for News or Blog page
  • Added – New theme options to customize price format
  • Added – New theme options form minimum and maximum prices values
  • Added – New theme options for homepage and search page header.
  • Added – Property city on property detail page
  • Added – Anti spam support for mailto links
  • Added – child-custom.css file in child theme to override parent theme styles.
  • Fixed – The number of images for single property from 12 to 48
  • Fixed – Google map related issues on Property and Contact pages.
  • Fixed – Agent contact form validation issues

Version 1.1.1 – Updated on 28 August 2013

  • Fixed – Phone number background color display bug in small screens

Version 1.1 – Updated on 25 August 2013

  • Added – dsIDXpress IDX Plugin Support
  • Added – Header Color Customization Options in Theme Options
  • Added – Support of Swipebox lightbox plugin and Switch Options in Theme Options
  • Added – Content Support in Contact Page
  • Improved – Property Search Behavior
  • Improved – Min and Max Price Support for Price Format Settings
  • Improved – Localization Support
  • Improved – Documentation
  • Improved – CSS
  • Improved – JavaScript

Version 1.01 – Updated on 16 August 2013

  • Added – PSDs Files
  • Added – Change log text file in main package
  • Improved – Thumbnail
  • Improved – Documentation
  • Improved – CSS
  • Improved – JavaScript
  • Improved – Theme Options Helping Text
  • Disabled – Google Map Scrolling

Version 1.0 – Launched on 14 August 2013

  • Initial Release

Photos License

Photos used in this theme are for demo purposes only and are not included as part of the theme license.


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